KindGirlco Organics Skincare


KindGirlco Organics Skincare

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’I choose Hope Face serum’ 3oz

‘I choose Love’ Body oil is 3oz


Face serum: Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Mint oil, Organic Ginger oil and Organic Tea Tree Oil. 

Body Oil: Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Ginger Oil, Organic Lavender oil and Organic Lemon Oil. 

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As someone who suffered from eczema, I exhausted myself looking for options. I decided to learn about skin so I enrolled in an organic skincare institute and cured my own eczema. Now I help others do the same. 

KindGirlco. was started in 2016 after I realized how harsh chemicals and too much water in products were having an effect on my skin. I designed an oil-based skincare line that sold out within two months, clearly we are doing something right. 

LOVE body oil: 

Apricot Kernel oil, Organic Lavender oil, Organic Lemon oil and Organic Ginger oil. 

Ultra hydrating and is high in Vitamin E, which restores the body’s natural collagen. Lavender is soothing, lemon is cleansing and ginger is restorative. 

Leaves your skin feeling like silk.  

HOPE face oil: 

Apricot Kernel oil, Organic Mint oil, Organic Ginger oil and Organic Tea Tree oil. 

High in Vitamin E content that softens and smoothes your face. Mint is refreshing, Ginger is restorative and Tea Tree Oil eliminates bacteria that causes acne. 

Your face’s skin will glow with satisfaction. 

BE ME body exfoliator: 

* coming soon, stay tuned. 


Hali Tsotetsi