Ease your financial anxiety and take control of your money.

Are you in any credit card debt? Have you found yourself spending un-necessarily? Do you have an unhealthy relationship with money? Do you feel like you will never get your finances together?

I, Hali Tsotetsi, invite you to take this FREE 6-month course where you can ease your anxiety about money and take control of your money. As a health coach and business owner, it is imperative for me to stay on top of my finances. So, I am sharing tools with you that have helped and healed my issues with money.

Remember, all of us deserve financial freedom! Its easier ad more comprehensible than you think.

Ease and control your money Course starts Monday, the 19th of June. We can do this together.

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Welcome to Ease your financial anxiety Money course. Each week, for the next 6 months, I will guide you through some information about finances and then give you two exercises to do for the week.



The first month, we will focus on forgiveness. And today, we focus on forgiving yourself and your previous spending habits.


Forgiveness is such an important tool in order to move forward in a healthy relationship. The relationship that we are talking about is between YOU and YOUR MONEY. Sometimes we forget that it is our money as we pay a good amount of taxes, have student debt or credit card debt. However, the money you are earning is YOURS! (We will touch on this later in the course)



  1. the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.

With the definition in mind, please forgive yourself for your spending habits that has led you to feeling out of control of your money.
This is the first exercise today:
Write a letter to yourself of all the reasons that you forgive yourself for you former spending habits. An example,
Dear Hali,I forgive you for using your credit card to buy those pair of shoes when you could've just used your debit card. I forgive you for going shopping after work to ease tension within yourself when you could've gone for a walk in the park, done yoga or gone for a meditation. I forgive you letting your expenses get so high without thinking before you signed onto any of them. I forgive you for blaming your expenses on not being paid enough or for inflation. Yes, things have gotten more expensive but you know better than to live like that.
- Yours can be longer or shorter but please let all that you need to out in your letter.
The second exercise today is a forgiveness meditation from The Honest Guys. The link is below:
When you have completed your letter, do this meditation. If you are new to meditation, check out our Meditation tips in the LIFE section:
Have a wonderful week!
*For a shortened version of the course, click on our 3 month edition*


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