Coaching for Yoga Teachers


Is teaching yoga your passion but you don't feel like you are being hired or are reaching your full potential as a teacher?


Good news! Our Yoga-Teacher-coaching works with each teacher one-on-one by taking your class or listening to a voice demo of you teaching a class or practicing. 


Feedback is $60 for a voice demo consultation or $95 for class consultation.


It includes: 

• Ways to grow as a teacher

• Recommendations on which yoga studio to teach at. 

• Guidance on sequencing. 

• Guidance on verbiage. 

• Possibility to be a part of a community of yoga teachers across the globe.




'I was nervous to have someone come into my class to give me feedback. So, I recorded a class that I taught and sent it in. Hali sent me back some great pointers about sequencing and timing. Teaching yoga is a journey but I can say that I feel a lot more comfortable teaching now'-



'Since I completed my TT in January, I didn't truly feel like a teacher. I got in touch with Feedback because I had heard about it from a friend of mine and I don't regret it at all. Hali came to a class of mine and sat down with me afterward. She told me what I was doing great but also mentioned things that I could work on as a teacher. I truly felt comfortable getting feedback from her'-



'Since graduating from my TT, I have felt isolated in the yoga community. I felt like once I was done, I was on my own. A friend referred me to Feedback. I sent Hali a class and we spoke on the phone. She told me that she believed in me and that I would be a great teacher if I worked on a few things and manifested teaching at a yoga studio. The very next week, a studio got back to me and I have been teaching at a few yoga studios since. I highly recommend Feedback to anyone who wants to improve their teaching skills'



As a yoga teacher, health coach and wellness expert, Hali Tsotetsi, has earned her ability to give junior yoga teachers coaching to reach their full potential. She has practiced yoga for 14 years and practices yoga almost everyday. She teaches at various studios around NYC and has been a part of the yoga community for over a decade.Hali is adamant about keeping yoga pure and maintaining it's health benefits: mental and physical. 


If you want to reach your full potential as a yoga teacher, reach out to her at: