Yoga meets Pilates-type challenge at SyncStudio in Williamsburg


Image by Mike Skigen

As I enter SyncStudio, I am greeted by two genuinely friendly gentlemen at the front desk, Chris Montalvo and Javi Arteaga, a lead instructor at SyncStudio. 


I was ready to take Leslie Bish's SyncFusion class. 


As someone who has been practicing for almost 14 years, I highly recommend this class. The studio is clean and inviting. It is well-kept.There is no judgement or hierarchy, clearly everyone is welcome.


What made it so great? You might ask. For one, Leslie was very welcoming and knew her anatomy well. I can't tell you how many classes that I go to where teachers don't know what they are talking about. Which is no shade to those who don't; however, when teachers know what they are talking about, their students are able to trust them.


This type of trust is very evident as I felt comfortable jumping around and doing burpies. Which, as a yogi, is out of the norm for me but was so fun. The class consisted of a warm-up, a follow sequence and then Pilates or HIIT-type poses. It ended with a cool down and a surprise massage on the forehead with essential oils.


Her theme throughout class was about patience, which was exactly what I needed to hear. It's something that I struggle with as a New-Yorker- especially during tough times. I felt it very appropriate.


Overall, the class is very well-orchestrated and not that far out for Yogis who are looking to try something new and keep  strengthening themselves. It was challenging but I could still keep up with the class and I wasn't awfully sore the next day.


I don't believe in rating but if you are looking for a class that is structured like yoga but has extra core-strengthening, arm-strengthening and a little thigh heat, I recommend giving this a try.


Besides this class, SyncStudio (which has been open in Williamsburg for 4 years) offers other classes that include cycling and training. Classes which I will definitely be trying soon.


Here is more on Leslie Bish: 


A Colorado native, Leslie’s has been a fitness instructor in New York for the past 3.5 years. Her classes marry the down-to-earth vibes of her life in the Rockies with the movement and energy of life in New York City. She teaches cycling, TRX, circuit training, yoga fusion at Sync Studio in Brooklyn, and most recently joined the ranks as a teacher at The Class by Taryn Toomey.


• How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching cycling for 3.5 years, TRX for 2.5 years and I began teaching yoga fusion last January.


• What has been your journey, physical and mental, to SyncStudio?

My journey at Sync has been one of great growth, both mental and physical. I never previously envisioned myself leading groups of people to become a stronger version of themselves. This process has brought me clarity on my own abilities. Through the process of training for each and every modality, I have had the opportunity to tackle a new and unique challenge - ultimately strengthening my personal practice.

• What inspires you to teach?

A lot of my inspiration comes from what I am currently experiencing in my own life. If I can speak to my needs, I feel like I will be able to speak to someone else's. I also find a lot of inspiration in music - when I hear a song that makes me want to get up and move, I know it has an energy that will only elevate the experience in my class.


For more information, visit:


Located: 133 S 2nd St

Brooklyn NY, 11249
(between Bedford & Berry)