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I had spent hours on Instagram desperately looking for a hairstylist who lived close to me in Los Angeles and was able to strengthen and moisturize my damaged hair without making me feel as though restoring my hair was impossible.
Alas, Megan Green made her way to me while I was working at a yoga studio. I felt like it was a moment sent intentionally and I knew that I had to take her up on the offer to do my hair. So, she gave me a card and afterward, I sent her a DM via Instagram. We made an appointment, it was set to take place at her apartment.

On Wednesday afternoon, I arrive for the appointment. She is kind, calm and welcoming. She asks me questions about my hair in a non-judgemental tone. Her answers to my questions clearly show that she knows about hair.

After she washes my hair, she puts her magical conditioning treatment in my hair and puts me under a steamer for just over 20 minutes. After the steaming process, she rinses and blows out my hair. My scalp feels moistened as I am so used to my scalp feeling dry after being washed and conditioned.

I ask her more questions about how my hair can grow and why I have had issues in the past, she answers them with love and passion. She also promises to have my hair grow by a certain amount of time.

I highly recommend Megan’s hairstyle expertise, particularly for women of colour as I have finally found a hairstylist who doesn’t view my hair as unruly or untamed. She says, ‘Everyone deserves the luxury of putting their hair in a ponytail’, and I agree with that.



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Megan Green grew up doing hair in Philadelphia, PA. She began getting paid for her work at 13 years old and even worked at a hair salon in high school. Her personal life goal has been to figure out how to grow and maintain healthy hair.  She was the ‘go-to’ person for hair in high school and college. In 2014, while living in Portland, OR working in the aerospace industry,  she created her first two products, an avocado conditioner mask and a beard/hair oil that helped her grow and embrace her natural hair, heatless curls and eventually helped her discover her own natural curls and texture.  Megan specializes in extensions, bob cuts, press and trims, crochet styles and natural hairstyles and focuses on natural hair care. Product feedback from clients in her new home Los Angeles, CA encouraged her to create the company she's been dreaming about for years, MVG Naturals and the connected non-profit, Motivate Vibe Grow (MVG) to equip young girls with life skills to feel secure, empowered and beautiful.

"I was raised with the mentality that relaxers were necessary and straight hair was the only way to look put together, feel beautiful and be accepted"

My decision not to enter back into the corporate world and embrace entrepreneurship stems from the fact that I truly believe that "Everyone deserves the luxury of wearing their natural hair in a ponytail"