The Yogini Ginger Clove Luscious Lemonade and the Pineapple Ginger Luscious Lemonade.

It is with pleasure and delight that I let you know about this Yogini Ginger Clove Luscious Lemonade and the Pineapple Ginger Luscious Lemonade. As you know, I am a huge supporter of conscious consumerism and this aligns with my beliefs. The owner, Molly Basler, makes a huge effort to align her love for The Environment with her brand.



 About The Lemonade:

Having had and loved the Lemonade myself, I would describe it as lemony, sweet with a punch of spice- not spicy. She says,

‘Lemons and cloves are one of the best antioxidants that we can put in to our body.  Antioxidants fight off free radicals that we breathe in as we live in our toxic environment. My lemonade is not only delicious but a wellness shot of health. Since I have been making and drinking my lemonade, I have never had a cold!’

I’m also a huge fan of the packaging as it is cute, fun with limited use of plastic. I wholeheartedly believe that The World should be moving in this direction because every piece of plastic we have ever used is still on This Earth. It is up to us to buy consciously so that we can protect this beautiful Earth that is our habitat.

Here’s how The Yogini Ginger Clove Luscious Lemonade and the Pineapple Ginger Luscious Lemonade became a product:

Molly began catering events and put together a recipe for a organic lemonade that she served with her vegan food. It was always the hit of the party! The Lemonade is The Yogini Ginger Clove Luscious Lemonade  and the Pineapple Ginger.She had a lemonade stand outside of the Canyon Country Mart in Laurel Canyon, where she sold cups of ice cold Ginger Clove Lemonade. The owner loved the lemonade so much that he told Molly, “If you bottle this, I’ll sell it!”  So, this began the journey of the Yogini Ginger Clove Luscious Lemonade. She went and bought 250 bottles. She had a woman that she had met in the dog park years ago, who designed cartoon “foodles”, designed my label and we were on the production line.She began to bottle and sell the lemonade in various stores and yoga studios in the Los Angeles area. She sold out on the 250 bottles.

She will be offering her lemonade at the Farmers Markets in the LA Area and at some restaurants. Her vision for my lemonade is Global. I see a product line of yoga mats and Linda, the lemon, who is on my label as an Icon of sorts that represents all things healthy,happy and aligned with the new Green Deal.




More about Molly:

Molly Basler was born in Los Angeles.  She attended USC where she studied theater arts in the BFA Program and finished her education at Mills College in Oakland, CALIFORNIA graduating with a BA.
She went in to acting and modeling and had a somewhat successful career for several years. She then moved to San Francisco and performed in stage plays and commercials.
She came back to Los Angeles and worked on various projects in the art world.  After years of the ‘Hollywood Scene’, Molly realized she had been wasting her life on a vacuous and empty goal of feeding her own ego and she knew she had to change everything about her life.
She was being driven by her consciousness to study meditation and to awaken from the dream she had been living in. She began to learn how to meditate She had a spiritual awakening which transformed everything in her life from the inside out.
She got sober, began meditating and studying yoga. She began teaching yoga and meditation.  She became a vegan and an animal activist . She wrote a vegan cookbook and began creating her CONSCIOUS LIVING PROGRAM which includes yoga, meditation and vegan cooking.


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