Let’s talk success with... Willem Gous.




Inspiration is one of our main initiatives at BiologiqueLife. So, when we asked Willem Gous if I could interview him, I was so happy that he agreed. 


To me, learning from others is powerful, particularly those who walk their talk.  


I hope you are just as inspired as I am about this:  



1. Willem, reading about you and your success has been absolutely wonderful. Please elaborate on how you inspire others?

I believe that business is the perfect platform for self-exploration and personal development. I learnt that from my father. He could find something interesting, read a book about it and then go and do it in one of his businesses. I followed this approach to business for most of my life.

The first business I started in 1999 was to find a girlfriend. I found it difficult to approach women being an introvert. Thus, I thought if I had my face all over the Internet then I would be noticed and someone would approach me. It did work. I started an online photo story, with speech bubbles and everything. Media picked up on what I was doing; I was on TV, radio and magazines.

I won double marketing awards for it,and it turned into a money-making business, and I got a girlfriend.

I wrote, directed and starred in my own stage play for my 30th birthday. For my 33rd birthday, I did a musical. I did ten songs, wrote 7 of them myself, received voice training, got musicians and actors and directed and starred in my own musical.

I always make sure that I express myself through what I do and I believe a business is the perfect way to do so.

Now I teach people how to do the same as I did, Life Design for Business Owners.I do not teach how to get passive income, neither to sit and relax on a beach or any of those Instagram promises. I want to help people explore and discover their true and full self, using their business. Living what you love to do means working at it every day, growing it.


2. What advice do you have for millennials who are looking to succeed in their professional field.

Many millennials pride themselves on the following mantra “I work smarter, not harder”. That is a good approach to life. But show me first how you can work hard, then I will look at how you can work smart.

The fact that you can do things easier than everyone else does not mean you can relax and still achieve. Work smart AND work hard.

Wake up early, I get up no later than 04:00 in the mornings and use the first two hours of everyday to grow and develop myself. That is 2 hours before most people wake up and it translates to 92, full, 8 hour work days per annum. Who do you think will win this race?


3. I’m excited to hear about ‘Get Unstuck now’! 

How have these principles been applied to your own life?

Get Unstuck Now is an important book for me because it saved me from mediocrity and failure. I was stuck in a rut for a long time. I could count the productive things I do in a week on my one hand if it were so many.

On a Saturday I went for my walk, I was drained, demotivated, sad that I am not moving forward. I was NOT in a good space. It was 08:00 and I decided to do something about it. I am going to find a way to get unstuck and write a book about it. I gave myself 48 hours. I did it in 46 hoursandI got unstuck in the process.

You can read the book in its totality in 20 minutes. Why? Because when you are stuck you need to get unstuck now, catch up, deliver and move forward. You have wasted enough time.

The principles in the book I still apply often when I am sitting behind my computer, not knowing what to do, or feeling demotivated. It helps me to find my groove; it helps me to find focus again. But most of all, it helps me to take action again.

Getting stuck is a part of life and business, and having an effective and quick way to get unstuck is worth its weight in gold.



4. You seem very inspirational. What inspires you?

There is one movie scene I watch a few times a week, and every time I cry. It comes from Forest Gump.

A few young boys on bicycles throw rocks at Forest,and his friend Jenny shouts to “Run Forest, run”. He runs with his leg braces and as he runs his braces come off. Eventually, he runs so fast that the boys on the bicycles cannot catch him.

That scene is SO applicable in so many instances in life. It can be setting yourself free from a job, a dead-end career, a bad relationship and more. It is applicable where you have a target, a goal in mind and you run, and people and circumstances try to hold you back like Forest’s braces, but you just keep on running until you break free and win.

I love to see people that are dedicated and focused, and they give it their best. I love working with and supporting people like that because they inspire me. So where will you run today and break free?



5. What are you currently working on that you would like to share with the world?

My father passed away in August of 2018. I buried with him many things that did not work in my business. Late in 2018, I decided to combine all my work into one business:

The Human Entrepreneur. We aim to keep entrepreneurs in the game.

What many people do not realise is that entrepreneurship is the biggest lie being sold to millions of people every day. I call it a lie because it rarely if ever delivers on the promises it makes. Look at the life and working conditions of a business owner,and you see it is true.

What the books, the trainers and courses forget to tell you is that entrepreneurship cannot grow an entrepreneur, it cannot deliver on your dreams. Entrepreneurship is ONLY designed to look after the needs of the customer.

The entrepreneur does not feature on the business model, the strategy or financial model of the business. Through our process, we turn the business into a building block in the life of the business owner. You design a business that delivers on your needs as well as the customers.

It is a simple process that anyone can apply in any business of any size in any market. It is three non-consecutive workshops totalling 2.5 days of training which makes it easy to accommodate in a busy schedule while remaining affordable.



6. What do you hope that the world will take away from the work that you are doing?

We should end our obsession with business success. Currently, we are sacrificing nine entrepreneurs for the success of one. Entrepreneurs are not a renewable resource. Build successful entrepreneurs, and great businesses will follow. We need to fix entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship fails entrepreneurs.But when entrepreneurs succeed, they create jobs, they uplift the communities they serve and grow the economy they operate in. Keep the entrepreneur in the game,and we can make the whole entrepreneurial dream a reality for all.

My dream is to speak at DAVOS and the United Nations about this approach to entrepreneurship.



7. Why should someone buy your book?

Even if you are not currently stuck,you should read this book. It gives you all the microtechniques I use to stay productive and forever moving forward. Where would you be in a year if you just took 5% more action every day? How much would that be worth to you?