Meet Janet Prado, the creator of ‘Happiness from within’ podcast.


1. Janet , please tell us more about your podcast, Happiness From Within? 

Happiness From Within ‘s mission is to touch people's heart's and souls at a very deep level through interviews. 

2. What inspired the idea behind your podcast?

What inspired me to create the podcast was after overcoming a disease that I had in my body for 15 years. Which inspired to create something to bring value to others.

3. Who are your current inspirations? 

My current inspirations are Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma and my mentor Daisaku Ikeda.

4. And, why do they inspire you?

These gentlemen are all about bringing value to the world in such a humble and authentic way. They inspire me daily to become a better human being through mind, body heart and soul.

5. What do you hope that the world will take away from your podcast.

My hope that people will take away one golden nugget to apply to there life immediately.

Those that feel that they are in the darkness will come into the light.

6.Why would someone want to listen to your podcast?

People would want to listen to my podcast because it digs deep within one's soul and heart; not just superficial things.

About Janet:

Hello everyone my is Janet Prado. Nice to meet you. I consider myself a compassionate, driven young woman on a mission to impact millions of people. This past year I overcame a rare diease  that I had in my knee for the past 15 years. After 3 knee surgeries  and one procedure the doctors told me that I may never walk again. I said, “Watch me!” Through this experience and many other challenges throughout my life I’ve learned how to be a victor not a victim. I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area speaking Spanish & English.  I’m very proud to be half-Mexican and half-American. 

Through the creation of my podcast “Happiness From Within”  I’ve had the honor of meeting people from different walks of life and interview them on how they found Happiness From Within. My goal in the next year is to start doing live interviews to spread my message around the world. 

“When the doors of your heart are shut and you feel dark and isolated, look up to the sky and greet the clouds. Let the blue expanse open wide the window to your heart and let in beauty and light. Climb upon the clouds and let your heart soar freely in the open air!” -Daisaku Ikeda