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Move With Love! Hali’s latest recommendation to try out.



I, Hali Tsotetsi, am a firm-believer in products that have a conscious or social impact as well as being functional or looking good.  

So, when my friend, Holly Colino, told me about her new venture, I had to share it with you all.  


This is why:

 The Story behind it:

 Move With Love found me when my days were the darkest they'd ever been. It found me when I lost my everything: past, present and future.  Just after feeling like I finally had all the pieces in my life exactly where I wanted them, the world I was waking up to felt like a nightmare.  My fiancé, at the time, needed to take care of herself in ways that no longer included me. My body began to fight me back, after years of my own self critic being too loud, too aggressive, too mean; which resulted in me in a hospital bed. And, I left the one job that I really loved.  My work had felt like my chosen family but I came to learn its foundation was built on fear, so I gathered my strength and walked away.  I felt no love. I felt no hope.  I fell from the top and I had hit the cold hard floor of rock bottom and that fall hurt like hell. That fall left me broken into many pieces. 


I didn't know what to do and none of the tools I had spent years learning to wield were working in this foreign territory.  I knew what had brought me joy and healing in the past: taking yoga, teaching yoga, being with loved ones.  None of it felt like the right fit anymore, it felt as though my light had been dimmed. Thankfully a good friend freed me with the words- "You can be strong. You can be weak. You can be everything in-between. You are all." I exhaled for the first time in months. And it hit me - I could acknowledge my pain and do so with love.


How it manifested:

One day while running errands, I found myself in Michael's Art Supply Store, not knowing what to expect; I picked up a set of wood block stamps and an ink pad, and started one letter at a time. M. O. V. E. W. I. T. H. L. O. V. E.  I repeated the process AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. It was painful, but it was meditative. Letter by letter, I became a little calmer, the dark wasn't so dark, and I became stronger.

With the newfound strength I found through Move With Love, I decided to quite literally put it into practice. It was time to leave New York and travel for the first time in my life, alone.  I was scared.  But I was also ready. I had hope. I had love. I had me.  And it was time for me to lean in and risk my comfort-zone to know that I could Move With Love anywhere. I took Move With Love with me to India, Germany, and France.  I didn’t want want to come back to New York but having no other idea where to go, I eventually decided to return on my own terms.

I enrolled in a silkscreen studio in Brooklyn and learned a new craft. I was becoming an artist again in ways I never dreamed. Now Move With Love wasn't just on repeat with my stamps or my handwriting, it was the repetition of ink on t-shirts, tote bags, baby onesies, prints, or all over my skin. I wasn't sure what I would do with all of them, I never imagined selling them.  I just knew this is what I needed to create. 


Eventually I made so many, I realized if I wanted to make more, I would have to put myself out into the world in a way I never had before. I am and will to continue to Move With Love. Because Move With Love is a practice, a daily commitment, a mind reset and a mantra. It begins with the word. Becomes a breath, a step out of bed, it builds to a series of breaths, of steps, of words, a conversation, a connection, a contagion of kindness and a reminder that it is worth it to Move With Love.Again. And, again. And, again. It’s my hope that my story inspires your story. That when you feel like you’ve hit  your bottom, you get up, acknowledge it and Move With Love.  

Product Information.

All Move With Love products are made by hand at Shoestring Press in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. All are one of a kind and all are made with Love. Our stock has Adult T-shirts, Toddler T's, Baby Onesies, Tote Bags and Prints. All fabric is organic and machine washable.


Where and How to purchase the goods-

You can purchase the goods through: Move-With-Love.com. Holly’s instagram is @move.with.love 


Holly Colino has been a lover of movement since a wee lilbabe of 8, where she went from dancing on roller skates to apprenticing with The Martha Graham Dance Company in New York City. Dance lead her to yoga, which she has been full time teaching for 8 years. Holly has been privileged to teach in New york City, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Seattle. She has taught thousands of yoga classes, managed studios, and ran Teacher Trainings. She currently is a freelance Yoga instructor and Artist in New York.  She lives in Brooklyn with her cat Beatrice and her boo. Holly Is looking forward to spreading love through her artwork, her MWL workshops, yoga classes, and her dream of owning her own yoga studio.


Photo by @katrin_albert