Pourquoi est-ce que je veux me pardonner?

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Parce que le résultat est que je pars avec plus que je ne suis entré dans cela.

Je me pardonne car j'ai choisi d'être optimiste et avec le bien vient le mal.

Je me pardonne parce que compter toutes mes erreurs ne fera que me rabaisser. Je choisis d'avancer avec amour et pardon.

Je me pardonne parce que le passé peut être un bagage ou une sagesse, je choisis si j'apprends ou si je reste coincé.

Je me pardonne parce que j'ai fini d'être déçu et embarrassé de choisir d'être avec quelqu'un qui pensait que l'argent pourrait acheter et conserver un effet de levier sur mon cœur.

Je me pardonne parce que le passé n'a que le pouvoir que je lui donne. Si je crois en ce moment, je choisis de laisser tomber le passé

Why do I want to forgive myself?

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Why do I want to forgive myself? 

Because the outcome is that I am leaving with more than I entered into it with. 

I forgive myself because I chose to be an optimist and with the good, comes the bad. 

I forgive myself because counting all of my mistakes will only bring me down. I choose to move forward with love and forgiveness. 

I forgive myself because the past can either be baggage or wisdom, I choose if I learn or stay stuck. 

I forgive myself because I am done being disappointed and embarrassed about choosing to be with someone who thought that money could buy and hold leverage over my heart. 

I forgive myself because the past only has as much power as I give it. If I believe in this moment, I choose to let go of the past 

What happens when you decide to live in abundance.

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Image from Unsplash

Inspired by Mother Teresa, written by Hall Tsotetsi.

When you shine, people are jealous of your light. Shine anyway. 

When you are your best, people question it. 

Be your best anyway. 

When you think that you are worthy, people might tell you that you aren’t. Think you are worthy anyway. 

When you stand firm in your truth, people might be intimidated. Stand firm in your truth anyway. 

When you are authentic, people might tell you not to be. Be authentic anyway.

When you decide to be successful, people might try to stop you. Be successful anyway. 

When you discover that everything that you needed is within you, people might call you arrogant or conceited.  Be everything that you need anyway. 

Because ultimately, our lives belong to us. We cannot wait for others to recognize and see our worth, we need to see and recognize our worth first. 

7 ways to get closer to your dream life.

Image by Unsplash  Article written by Diana Athena

Image by Unsplash

Article written by Diana Athena

As kids we all have had our dreams. Someone may have wanted to become a doctor, a singer, a fireman, an actor, a designer. But what has happened to those dreams? Have we simply grown out of them? Have any of our dreams come true? Or, have they gotten lost under the pile of everyday tasks?

I don’t think dreaming is a way to distance us from reality, but a way to access the heart’s deepest longings. In the constant chase for a better life, it is easy to forget who we wanted to be when we grow up. We waste our energy stressing out about paying bills, managing our schedules while getting a decent amount of sleep. We rush, we worry, we run after our goals. But are those goals helping us to get closer to ourselves? I like to look at dreams as a way for the heart to communicate, as a way of healing and coming closer to a child inside of us.

Can we remember and stay true to our dreams?

I find these few ways being extremely helpful to silence my thoughts and to dive deeper into my heart, giving it permission to bring magic into the world around me.

1. Finding time to relax.

Busy schedules are demanding.Life is flowing and the clock is ticking. And, there are still so many things to be done! Somehow the fastest way sometimes is to go slower, to step back and get yourself together first, before you start putting together everything else. That simply may look like 5 minutes in your car before you get on the road, or an extra stop on the way home to take in whispering of the trees.

2. Meditating.

Meditation is a great way to tune out your thoughts and into your heart. Creating space for yourself to be simple and free without anything else to do, without anywhere else to be. Just. Simply. Be. You.

3. Being in nature.

Big cities contain a lot of pollution; not just environmental, but also energetic. Which, in turn, results in heavy layers of protection around your softer Self. It is important to take short trips/walks somewhere, where the nature sounds are louder than the city noises.

4. Writing.

Writing can be used as a therapeutic tool to access deeper consciousness. The mind can spin one thought over, and over , and over again, but once you make a choice to write it down the mind has to focus on forming it into words, which breaks the spinning pattern. Don’t just believe me? Try it! Write it down first, and then add some spiciness by providing a description!

5. Giving yourself permission to enjoy life.

If the first thing which came to mind is going out with some friends on a Friday night (nothing’s wrong with that), scratch it out! Look within yourself! What do you actually want to do? What activity could possibly bring a smile to your face? Be creative! Explore your interests! And don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Come up with the things you want to try, instead of searching among the things you already have.

6. Acknowledging your victories.

The change doesn’t have to happen as a storm breaking everything along the way. It can start by simply finding awareness that you are not in the place you want to be at. Don’t beat yourself up for that! Instead start making small baby-steps towards your desirable outcome. And don’t forget to give yourself some credit for your hard work! The goal is to enjoy life! Remember? And not to set up more goals, just yet.

7. Creating new dreams.

Find gratitude, as your dreams slowly start blossoming into your life. Welcome and celebrate them. Notice how it feels like to have your wishes come true. But remember to keep on dreaming!

You do not have to run through deserts and cross deep seas to meet your heart’s desires. You just have to believe that you deserve the life you want and that the dreams are meant to come true!

The magic is just beginning!

Diana is a full time yoga teacher and a writer based in New York. 

Diana has started practicing yoga in 2012 and has been teaching since 2016. Yoga practice has taught her to connect more deeply with her body and to discover the depth of her breath. It has taught her to be more aware of her habits and choices, both inside of the yoga studio and outside in the real world. Stepping onto the mat time and time again has given her an opportunity to get to know herself better and to find inspiration and courage to follow her heart. 

Diana has started to develop interest towards writing as a teenager, writing poems and short stories. After moving to New York from Russia when she was 19 years old, Diana has rediscovered her passion for using the art of words to express herself and has started exploring  writing in English. After performing one of her poems as her monologue in an acting class and receiving positive feedback from her acting coach, Diana knew that writing was her calling. Diana is currently working on her poetry book and is using a net of well chosen words to share her views and to inspire.


12 Things that I will no longer let stand in my way.

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Image by Unsplash

I am a firm-believer that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that obstacles and problems are lessons, as long as we stay open to what we can learn from them. 

Sometimes it takes having obstacles in our way, removing them and moving forward to realize what was in our way. 

Here are 12 things that will no longer stand in my way: 

1. Someone else’s ideals. 

2. Game-players. 

3. Fake friends. 

4. Manipulative people. 

5. Insecurities. 

6. The past. 

7. What other’s think of me. 

8. Lies. 

9. Haters. 

10. How my finances ‘should’ be. 

11. Betrayal. 

12. Negativity. 

12 cosas en las que creeré sin importar qué.

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Imagen de Unsplash 

Soy un firme creyente de que lo que hablas en este mundo se manifiesta en la existencia. Por eso la creencia es tan importante, porque lo que crees a menudo se manifiesta a través de acciones y palabras.

Es fácil creer en nuestro futuro y positividad cuando las cosas van bien; sin embargo, creer en ellos cuando las cosas no nos han ido es aún más importante para que podamos ser claros en el camino por el que nos dirigimos.

Aquí hay 12 cosas en las que creo, sin importar qué:

1. En el amor.

2. En mi mismo.

3. En el poder del conocimiento.

4. En el poder del yo.

5. Que todo estará bien.

6. En la humanidad.

7. En la conservación del Medio Ambiente.

8. En el cuadro más grande.

9. En la fuerza interior.

10. Que todo lo que he estado buscando está dentro.

11. Al volver a empezar, no importa la edad que tenga y lo que cueste.

12. En el perdón.

10 quotes to help spark change in The Environment.

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Image by Unsplash

It is clear that we need to improve the state of our environment. So that we can restore what we have destroyed, for ourselves and the later generations. 

Here are 10 quotes to help inspire this change

1. ‘I only get angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.’- Mother Teresa. 

2. ‘We don’t have a society if we destroy the environment.’- Margaret Mead. 

3. ‘Nature is a miracle we depend on.’ -ANON. 

4. ‘If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.’ Van Gogh. 

5. ‘Be a part of the solution; not the pollution.’ - ANON. 

6. ‘We make the world we live in and shape our own environment.’- Orison Swett Marden. 

7. ‘Take care of The Earth and she will take care of you.’- ANON. 

8. The future will either be green or not green at all.’ - Bob Brown 

9. ‘The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody on board.’- Richard Rogers. 

10. ‘What we are doing to the forests of The World is but a reflection of what we are doing to each other and ourselves.’- Chris Maser. 

A Playlist for new beginnings and moving on from heartache.

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Image by Unsplash

There is nothing like music to invigorate your body, mind and soul- particularly during difficult circumstances. There is a lot of power in hearing lyrics matched with composition to express that we are all here for each other. 

This is my playlist for starting a new life after heartache: 

1. Wide awake- Katy Perry

2. Out of Reach- Gabrielle.

3. Time flies- Lykke Li.

4. I wanted you to feel the same- The Radio Dept

5. So This is Goodbye- Will Fitzsimmons. 

6. Part of me- Katy Perry

7. Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap

8. Nostarè- Bebe.

9. Closer- Goapele.

10. Off I go- Greg Laswell. 

12 Things that I will always believe in, no matter what!

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Image from Unsplash

I am a firm-believer that what you speak into this World, manifests itself into existence. That is why belief is so important, because what you believe often manifests itself through actions and words. 

It’s easy to believe in our future and positivity when things are going right; however, believing in them when things haven’t gone our way is even more important so that we can be clear abut the path that we are headed in. 

Here are 12 things I believe in, no matter what: 

1. In love. 

2. In myself. 

3. In the power of knowledge. 

4. In the power of self. 

5. That everything will be okay. 

6. In humanity. 

7. In the conservation of The Environment. 

8. In the bigger picture. 

9. In inner strength.

10. That everything I have ever been looking for is within. 

11. In starting over again, no matter how old I am and what it takes. 

12. In forgiveness.

6 More things I wish I knew before my first break-up.

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Image by Unsplash

A break-up can catapult you into one of the biggest changes of your life. And like with other things that change, it is our choice how we use the cards that are given to us during these transitional periods. 

We can make ourselves victims or victors, it is up to us. 

Here are six more things that I wish I’d known before my first break-up: 

1. Everything is going to be okay

You might be crying and it might be hard to get out of bed and have hope but there is always light. Whether the light appears in a day, a week, a month, a year or many years- one day it will be better. When that day comes, you will be grateful that you held on. 

2. If you believe in your future, make choices that align that way. 

We can say that we believe that we will be okay but how are you manifesting into your life? Our lives are made up of choices and if you are making choices that take you back, how can you shift that to make choices that lead to forward to where you want to be? The great thing about choices is that only we can make them. So, we need make them wisely. 

3. You are not alone.

I know that it feels isolating and you are wondering how you can go on. However, I guarantee you that you can. You can because there is someone else going through exactly what you are going through, if not worse. Heartbreak and pain is felt by every single person alive. If they can get through it, so can you. 

4. There is a reason for it. 

It took me two years to understand why my five- year relationship didn’t work out. And, during that process, I found myself judging myself. I had to remind myself that healing is a process, however long it takes is okay. Only now do I understand why it ended. With that being said, once you have experienced a break-up, it may not be clear why it happened. But, i promise the reason will reveal itself. Let God reveal the reason when it is time. 

5. Greatness is on the way. 

I am a firm-believer that everything happens for a reason, whether we agree at that moment or don’t. Beyond every challenge is a breakthrough but it does require working through it to get to greatness.

6. Forgiveness is power

We can spend our lives counting the wrong that someone has done to us and find ourselves dwelling in negativity, thinking about the other person. When the person is living their best life. Hate is heavy and is only truly felt by the person who thinks hateful thoughts. The only power that can set us free is forgiveness. So, try to forgive. Even it is painful and revealing. Better to work through pain than to project it into yourself and others. 

12 Things you should do everyday if you want to be a kind person.

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Image from Unsplash 

Maya Angelou had a quote that said, ‘If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.’ 

Which seems contradictory to so many things going on in The World right now. We have been bought the idea that success equals money, status and sexy bodies. But chasing after those things will not make you happier or kinder.  If we want to make true change, it starts with us, including kindness. We won’t always get it right. However, trying is half the battle. 

Here are 12 things you should do to be a kind person: 

1. Be grateful to have each day. 

2. Be grateful to have a body. 

3. Smile most of your day.

4. Focus on the positivities of life. 

5. Greet people who are of service to you. 

6. Say thank you to people who are of service to you. 

7. Limit your cellphone use in front of others. 

8. Look people in the eye when speaking to them. 

9. Be considerate of those around you. 

10. Speak from a place of compassion. 

11. Speak from a place of humility. 

12. Let go of the need to be right.

Letters to my unborn child.

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Image from Unsplash

Dear child,

You are beautiful. Regardless of what you wear or how you look on any day, you are beautiful because you are you. You have been created with your beautiful skin, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, legs, arms, fingers, toes and hands. They are beautiful because they will help you create actions that will allow you to live in this world with a purpose.

Some people may call you beautiful because of how you look but, please don't believe them! Don't believe people that compliment you because of what you look like. You are and always will be unique and, that is beautiful. 

10 izingcaphuno eziphefumulayo mayelana nokuthula.

Isitombe se- Unsplash 

Isitombe se- Unsplash 

Intengo yokuthula inganqunywa. Asikwazi ukwenza lutho ngaphandle kokucaca nokuthula ngoba indlela engcono kakhulu yokuzilawula thina, kwabanye nokunye okumele kube nokuthula.

Ngomoya wokuthula, nakhu izingcaphuno eziyishumi ezikhuthazayo mayelana nokuthula:

1. 'Iqhawe langempela yilowo owanqoba inzondo nentukuthelo yakhe.' - I-14 Dalai Lama.

2. 'Ukuzimisela kwakho ukubheka ubumnyama bakho yilokho okukunika amandla okushintsha .'- U-Iyanla Vanzant.

3. 'Uma ungathandi into ethile, yishintshe. Uma ungeke ukwazi ukuwuguqula, shintsha isimo sakho sengqondo - uMaya Angelou.

4. 'Masixolelane. Khona-ke sizokuthola ukuthula. "Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy.

5. 'Akukho mkhuba. Kukhona ukuthula nothando kuphela. "- Oprah Winfrey.

6. 'Ukuthula kungumphumela wokuhlaziya ingqondo yakho ukucubungula ukuphila ngendlela, kunokuba ucabange ukuthi kufanele kube njani .'- UDkt. Wayne Dyer.

7. 'Ngeke senze ukuthula ezweni langaphandle kuze kube yilapho senza ukuthula nathi.' I-14 Dalai Lama.

8. 'Uma ufuna ukujabulela ukuphila kwakho, kufanele ube nokuthula nawe kuqala .'- UJoel Osteen.

9. 'Ukuphila kugcwele ukuthula. Uma uzohlala ngokuthula, kufanele ubeke imingcele futhi ungawavumeli. '- UJoel Osteen.

10. 'Yeka ukuthi ulungile. Esikhundleni salokho kukhulisa ukuthula, ukuvumelana, uthando, nokuhleka okuvela enhliziyweni yakho .''- uDeepak Chopra.

10 inspirational quotes about peace.

Picture by Wesley Eland

Picture by Wesley Eland

The price of peace is underestimated. We cannot do anything well without clarity and peace because the best way to be in control of ourselves, of others and of something is to be at peace. 

In the spirit of peace, here are 10 inspiring quotes about peace: 

1.  ‘The true hero is the one who conquers their own hatred and anger.’ - The 14th Dalai Lama.

2. ‘Your willingness to look at your darkness is what empowers you to change.’- Iyanla Vanzant. 

3. ‘ If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.’- Maya Angelou. 

4. ‘Let us forgive each other. Only then will we find peace.’ Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy. 

5. ‘There is no feud. There is only peace and love.’- Oprah Winfrey. 

6. ‘Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than how you think it should be.’- Dr. Wayne Dyer. 

7. ‘We can never make peace on the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.’ The 14th Dalai Lama.

8. ‘If you want to truly enjoy your life, you must be at peace with yourself first.’- Joel Osteen. 

9. ‘Life is full of peace-stealers. If you’re going to live in peace, you have to put some boundaries up and not allow them in.’ - Joel Osteen. 

10. ‘Give up being right. Instead radiate peace, harmony, love, and laughter from your heart.’ -Deepak Chopra. 

12 maneras de ser un consumidor consciente

Imagen de Unsplash 

Imagen de Unsplash 

Todos podemos predicar, pero la práctica requiere fuerza, disciplina y apertura. Literalmente con casi cualquier cosa, tenemos que ser persistentes y practicar lo que predicamos; De lo contrario, solo estamos creando lo contrario de lo que queremos hacer.

Algo que me apasiona es ser más amable con el Medio Ambiente. Y, como mencioné, puedo predicar, pero hasta que practique, no tiene sentido. No siempre lo haremos bien, pero vale la pena intentarlo

, aquí hay 12 formas en las que practico el consumismo consciente:

1. Al limitar la cantidad de carne y pescado que como.

2. Tomando el transporte público tanto como pueda.

3. Tomando duchas cortas.

4. Utilizando una botella de agua reutilizable.

5. Al optar por las bebidas heladas de los cafés tanto como sea posible.

6. Reciclando lo más posible.

7. Comprando y usando jabones de barra y envases de vidrio.

8. Al reutilizar el plástico que he comprado tanto como sea posible.

9. Al practicar yoga en pantalones cortos, contienen menos micro-plástico que las polainas.

10. Al comprar productos orgánicos, es mejor para el suelo porque los agricultores orgánicos no usan pesticidas.

11. Por compras vintage cuando puedo.

12. Al apoyar a las empresas que se esfuerzan por ser diversas, no relacionadas con el medio ambiente, pero la diversidad es importante en todos los campos.

12 Ways to be a conscious consumer.

Image by Unsplash 

Image by Unsplash 

We can all preach but practice requires strength, discipline and being open. Literally with almost anything, we have to be persistent and practice what we preach; otherwise we are only creating the opposite of what we want to do. 

Something that I am passionate about is being kinder to The Environment. And, just like I mentioned, I can preach but until I practice, there is no point. We won’t always get it right but it is worth trying. 

So, here are 12 ways that I practice conscious consumerism: 

1. By limiting how much meat and fish I eat. 

2. By taking public transport as much as I can. 

3. By taking short showers.

4. By using a reusable water bottle. 

5. By opting out of iced drinks from cafés as much as possible. 

6. By recycling as much as possible. 

7. By buying and using bar soaps and glass containers.

8. By reusing plastic that I have bought as much as possible. 

9. By practicing yoga in shorts- they contain less micro-plastic than leggings. 

10. By buying organic produce- it’s better for the soil because organic farmers don’t use pesticides. 

11. By vintage shopping when I can. 

12. By supporting companies that make an effort to be diverse- not environment related but diversity is important in every field.

5 Dinge wat ek wens ek het geweet voor my eerste langtermyn verhouding.


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Ek sou my eerste langtermynverhouding as 'n mengsel van hierdie byvoeglike naamwoorde beskryf: wonderlik, kragtig, disfunksioneel en wisselvallig. Ek is tevrede met hoe dinge in my lewe uitgedraai het, maar ek wonder dikwels hoe dinge sou uitgedraai het as ek die volgende geken het:


1. Net omdat iemand van jou hou, beteken nie dat hulle aan jou behoort nie.

Jou lewensmaat was lewendig voordat jy hom ontmoet het. Dit verminder nie jou liefde om te onthou en erken dat die twee van julle afsonderlike lewens en verskillende prestasies het nie. Om verlief te wees op iemand beteken nie dat jy elke minuut met jou maat moet spandeer nie; dit beteken om die meeste te maak van die tyd wat jy saam wil spandeer.


2. Jy kan nie jou maat dwing om te verander nie.

Jou maat is óf wie jy wil hê hy moet wees, of hy is nie. Ons lieg dikwels oor wie mense is of wat hulle ons vertel omdat ons sien wat ons wil hê die situasie moet lyk, nie hoe dit werklik is nie. Die waarheid sal uiteindelik uitkom, of dit op die eerste of op jou tiende herdenking is.


3. Slegs jy kan jouself voltooi.

Ons word dikwels vertel dat twee helftes gelyk is aan 'n geheel. Wiskundig is dit korrek, maar in 'n verhouding is hierdie reël nie van toepassing nie. Afhangende van iemand anders om jou te voltooi, stel jou verhouding tot mislukking omdat jy verwag dat 'n ander, onvolmaakte persoon jou onvolmaakthede sal opmaak. Natuurlik sal liefde wat gesond is, jou help om jouself te verbeter; Daar is egter geen behoefte om jou liefde te belas met verwagtinge wat waarskynlik nie bevredig sal word nie.


4. Jou vriende en familie onthou wat jy aan hulle vertel het oor jou verhouding.

As jy voortdurend kla oor jou maat aan jou vriende en familie, moenie verbaas wees as hulle nie vir jou verhouding wortel nie. Hulle het waarskynlik die beste vir jou, en as hulle net hoor wat verkeerd gaan, moenie hulle ontstel as hulle nie ondersteun wat jy as problematies beskryf het nie.


5. "Ons" en "ons" word nie net vir die goeie tye gebruik nie.

Ons het 'n neiging om ons vennote te verwelkom wanneer dinge goed gaan in 'n verhouding, maar wanneer dinge nie goed gaan nie, is ons onsself onsself. Verhoudings gaan deur moeilike tye; Dit is hoe jy met hulle omgaan wat 'n verskil in die algehele uitkoms maak. Verdeling tussen die twee van u sal nie duidelikheid gee nie - kommunikasie sal. Kommunikasie vind slegs plaas as jy bereid is om jou maat te betrek in 'n dialoog van wat gebeur het. Jy sal net deur moeilikheid kan werk deur hindernisse saam te konfronteer.

5 choses que je sais avec certitude.


Image de Unsplash 


L'une des plus belles choses de la vie, c'est que lorsque nous sommes mis au défi, nous grandissons et, au fur et à mesure que nous apprenons, nous pouvons enseigner et inspirer les autres.

Au cours de mes trente années d’expérience, j’ai appris beaucoup de choses. Certains sont restés bloqués et d'autres non.

Voici 5 choses que je sais avec certitude:

1. La vie est trop précieuse pour être dépensée en personnes toxiques.

Quand j'étais plus jeune, j'étais mannequin et chanteur. Quand j'étais dans ces industries, je ressentais tellement de pression pour m'intégrer et se conformer. Jusqu'au jour où j'en ai eu assez et je me suis promis de ne plus jamais m'en sortir. C’est ce qui est venu avec l’intégration et l’un des problèmes qui s’y est ajouté est la nécessité d’avoir des gens autour de moi tout le temps - même si ces personnes étaient toxiques pour moi. Je ne suis pas un ange; Cependant, je me suis retrouvé plus souvent entouré de gens mesquins, superficiels et jaloux que je ne le souhaitais. J'avais 22 ans quand j'ai décidé que ce n'était pas le chemin de carrière pour moi et, avec cela, ma décision a été de laisser les gens toxiques en paix. Ce n'est pas à moi de les valider ou de leur faire sentir qu'ils sont en sécurité. Je suis le seul à pouvoir me valider et ce sont eux seuls à pouvoir se valider.

2. Vous n'êtes pas obligé d'être ami avec tout le monde.

C’est drôle qu’en grandissant, j’ai compris cela. Cependant, lorsque je suis devenu adulte et que j'ai déménagé dans un pays étranger, j'ai ressenti le besoin de bien m'entendre avec tout le monde. Culturellement, on m'a dit que si vous n'aimez pas quelqu'un, vous n'avez pas à le forcer. Cependant, lorsque je suis déménagé aux États-Unis, j’ai ressenti le besoin de sourire aux gens que je n’aimais pas ou avec qui je ne m'entendais pas, afin de s’intégrer à la culture d'ici.

Il y a quelques années, je me suis rappelé l'authenticité et son sens: être vrai. J'ai décidé de rester dans mon authenticité et de ne sourire que si j'en ressentais le besoin. J’habite à Los Angeles et aucune autre ville n’affirme l’idée que ce n’est pas parce que les sourires sourient qu’ils sont heureux ou comme vous, comme dans toute autre ville ou tout autre lieu que j’ai vécu. Les amis sont des personnes que vous choisissez d'être dans votre vie. c'est toujours un choix de les garder.

3. Tout est dedans.

Comme je l'ai déjà mentionné, j'ai été exposé à deux industries basées sur la valeur externe lorsque j'étais adolescente. Après avoir quitté ces industries, j'ai réalisé à quel point j'avais pesé de l'extérieur: à quoi je ressemblais, qui je savais, ce que je portais et quel type de gadgets j'avais.

Un jour, j'ai regardé une vidéo d'un Yogi qui est mort nommé Pattabhi Jois. Il a expliqué dans cette vidéo que si nous comprenions la capacité que nous avions à l'intérieur, nous ferions la paix en ayant besoin de la rechercher à l'extérieur. Entendre cela ne résolut pas tous les problèmes de ma vie, mais me fit comprendre que je suis plus puissant que je ne le pensais et que je ne l’ai jamais cru. Une fois que nous avons accès à ce pouvoir, nous nous alignons sur un objectif supérieur. Un système qui est plus sûr, plus sain et plus sûr que d'avoir besoin du monde extérieur pour nous satisfaire.

4. La force prend du temps et de la pratique.

Nous pouvons tous prétendre être forts jusqu'à ce que nous soyons appelés à l'être. Nous découvrons alors notre vraie force. J'ai appris cette leçon récemment lorsque quelqu'un que je connais m'a appelé méchant et sorcière, littéralement derrière mon dos quand je me tenais devant elle. Mon sang a commencé à bouillir et j'ai alors pensé à la façon dont entendre ce que j'ai entendu pourrait me rendre plus fort.

Je me suis dit: "Si je suis vraiment fort, alors pourquoi est-ce que cela me concerne?" J'ai décidé d'utiliser ce que j'ai entendu pour exercer ma force: ignorer les commentaires toxiques et les personnes toxiques, respirer et répéter une affirmation positive dans ma tête qui m'aidera. voir l'image plus grande. Que tout le monde nous enseigne, quelle est la leçon que je dois apprendre?

5. Tout le monde n'est pas pour moi. Ce qui va bien.

Un des problèmes de la société est que nous cherchons constamment à être validés et parfois, à des personnes qui ne méritent pas de dire ce que nous sommes, ce que nous faisons et ce en quoi nous croyons. J'ai suffisamment passé de temps à convaincre les gens. qui n'a pas aimé que je m'aime, seulement pour se rendre compte du danger qui vient avec cela. Rechercher la validation de personnes qui ne vous aiment pas vous donne du pouvoir et du temps, deux choses que vous ne pourrez jamais récupérer. Si vous devez convaincre quelqu'un de vous aimer, vous avez de plus gros problèmes que l'autre personne. Il ya une partie de vous qui ne se sent pas digne d’être et c’est ce qui doit être abordé et guéri avant de tenter de convertir un ennemi en quelqu'un qui vous aime.

5 Things that I know for sure.


Image from Unsplash  


One of the most beautiful things about life is that as we are challenged, we grow and, as we learn, we can teach and inspire others.

In my thirty years of life experience, I have learnt many things. Some have stuck and some have not.

Here are 5 things that I know for sure:

1. Life is too precious to spend on toxic people.

When I was younger, I was a Model and a Singer. When I was in these industries, I felt so much pressure to fit-in and conform. Until one day, I had enough and promised myself that I would never put myself through that again. That, being what came with fitting-in and one of the problems that came with fitting in was the need to have people around me at all times- even if those people were toxic for me. I’m no angel; however, I found myself surrounded by petty, superficial and jealous people more often than I wanted to be. I was 22 when I decided that was not the career path for me and, with that came my decision to leave toxic people alone. It is not up to me to validate them or make them feel secure. I am the only one who can validate myself and, they are the only ones who can validate themselves.

2. You don’t have to be friends with everyone.

It’s funny that growing up, I understood this. However, as I became an adult and moved to a foreign country, I felt the need to get along with everyone. Culturally, I was raised that if you don’t like someone, you don’t have to force it. However, moving to The U.S.A. I felt this need to smile at people that I didn’t like or get along with in order to fit-in to the culture here.

A few years ago, I reminded myself of authenticity and what it meant: to be true. I decided to stand in my authenticity and only smile if I felt the need. I live in Los Angeles and, no other city affirms the idea that just because someone smiles doesn’t mean they are happy or like you, like any other city or place that I have experienced. Friends are people that you choose to be in your life; it is always a choice to keep them around.

3. All is within.

As I mentioned before, I was exposed to two industries when I was a teenager that are based on external value. After I left these industries, I realized how much weight I had put on the external: what I looked like, who I knew, what I wore and what kind of gadgets I had.

One day, I watched a video of a Yogi who has passed on named, Pattabhi Jois. He explained in this video that if we understood the capability that we had on the inside, we would make peace with needing to search for it on the outside. Hearing this didn’t solve every problem that I had ever had in my life but it gave me a deep understanding that I am more powerful than I know and have ever believed. Once we access that power is when we align with a higher purpose. One that is safer, healthier and more secure than needing the external world to fulfill us.

4. Strength takes time and practice.

We can all claim to be strong until we are called to be so- then we find out our true strength. I learnt this lesson recently when someone I know called me evil and a witch, literally behind my back when I was standing in front of her. My blood began to boil and then I thought of how hearing what I heard could make me stronger.

I said to myself, ‘If I am truly strong then why is this affecting me?’ I decided to use what I heard to practice my strength: ignoring toxic comments &toxic people, breathing and repeating a positive affirmation in my head that will help me see the bigger picture. That everyone is teaching us, what is the lesson that I need to learn?

5. Not everyone is for me. Which is okay.

One of the problems in society is that we are constantly seeking validation and sometimes, from people who don’t deserve to have a say about who we are, what we do and what we believe in. I have spent enough time trying to convince people who didn’t like me to like me, only to realize the danger that comes with that. Seeking validation from people who don’t like you gives them power and time- both of which you can never get back. If you have to convince someone to like you, you have bigger problems than the other person. There is a part of you that doesn’t feel worthy and that is what needs to be addressed& healed first before attempting to convert a hater into someone who likes you.

Izinto ezingu-4 engazifunda ngokuthandana nomfundi wami.


Isitombe se-Unsplash


Ngenxa yokuhlonipha ubuhlobo bami bamanje, ngizogcina lolu daba luyimfihlo, njengoba ubuqotho bami bubulala umlingani wami wamanje. Kodwa-ke, ngifuna ukubuyekezwa okwedlule isikhashana ukwabelana ngalokho engikufundile kumuntu owenze esikhathini sami esidlule.

Akusekudala ukuthi ngiphelile ukuthi umuntu ongazange ngithole angilandele futhi wangibiza ngaphandle kwenombolo iminyaka emithathu. Ngamlahla ngoba ngibone ukuthi wayenendlela yokulawula futhi eyimfihlo ngenkathi iqiniso liphuma. Ngabuza imibuzo eminingi. Ngokuyinhloko, lokhu kungenzeke kanjani kimi? Iqiniso liwukuthi kungenzeka kunoma ubani ngoba abantu bazingela umdlalo wabo, futhi uma benquma ukuthi ungumzingeli, kunjalo. Bayoba yibo abacabanga ukuthi ufuna ukuba khona ukuze uzigcine.

Ngithemba le ndaba kusiza umuntu okhona noma okwamanje ozwa isipiliyoni sami.

Yilokho engangikufunde ukuphola nomuntu:

1. Thembela intuition yakho.

Kuyangizwisa ubuhlungu ukuthi kukhona izibonakaliso zokuxwayisa. Abantu bangasho izinto ezinjalo, "uziqhenya" futhi "bhekani ngokucophelela". Ngobusuku obunye, eminyakeni emibili eyedlule, sahamba ngosuku lwethu lokuqala sahamba ekhaya, sazi ukuthi ngiphila ngaphandle kombala. Ngabuza ukuthi ngingaba namasiko noma cha; ukukhumbula nje ukuthi angizange ngikuthande. Ungase ubuze, kungani engakhumbuli lapho emtshela? Yini eqinisa iphuzu lami. Umqondo wami wabuza ukuthi wayazi kanjani; Noma kunjalo, ngikhululekile futhi ngicabanga ukuthi ngeke kulandele. Njalo lapho ngikhohlwa, ngikhunjuzwa ukuthi indlela uNkulunkulu ekhuluma ngayo. Ngakho-ke, uma izwi elincane ekhanda lakho lithi "hmmmm" noma "ezithakazelisayo"? Qaphela! Ingasindisa impilo yakho.

2. Uma kuhle ngempela ukuba yiqiniso, cishe.

Lapho ngitshela i-stalker yami, bekuyohlale kulungile. Ngithole ukuthi lokhu kusho njalo ukuthi yini engidinga ukuyizwa. Ungase ubuze, yini engalungile ngalokho? Impendulo ngezinye izikhathi impendulo efanele ngaso sonke isikhathi. Ngesikhathi nje ngizwa ukuthi ingitshele ukuthi ngifuna ukuzwa ngakho ngingamthandi. Ngabona nokuthi wayenomusa kakhulu futhi omuhle kimi, kodwa hhayi kwabanye. Kwangenza ngibuze. Uma othile ekubukeka kahle kodwa enenkinga efanayo nabanye, kukhona okumele akhathazeke ngakho.

3. Ungazibeki icala.

Lapho ngithola ukuthi ngidumale nomuntu ofunda nami, wangitshela wabe esebiza iminyaka emithathu, kwakunzima. Ingxenye eyinkimbinkimbi kunazo zonke indlela engizizwa ngayo. Ngabuyela kwinani lezikhathi ayekade ekhona ngempela, kodwa ngakhetha ukungayinaki. Ngezinye izikhathi ngikhumbula lapho ngikhumbula izinto ezincane ezibonisa ukuthi ungubani. Noma kunjalo, isikweletu ngeke siholele ekuthuthukiseni. Wakhetha ukuthuthuka ngokuthethelela nokuqonda. Ezinye izifundo zinzima kakhulu, ngakho-ke sikhumbula lokho esinakho empilweni yethu yonke kuze kube yilapho sesikukhohliwe isikhathi eside.

4. Uthando lungokoqobo.

Intukuthelo yami ekugcineni kobudlelwane imnandi kakhulu kangangokuthi, lapho ngibandakanyeka, ngithanda umuntu. Imigomo yami yokufaka ubuhlobo ayengekho. Ngangihlale ngisazi ukuthi "u-stalker" wami wayefisa kakhulu kunokuba ngangivame ukuba naye. Ngakho, indawo yonke ifanisa ubuqiniso bami komunye nomunye. Ngandlela-thile, ukuma noma ukwakha iphutha lami kwaba; Kodwa-ke, uma ungekho esikhathini lapho ngahlangana nomunye umuntu, ungahlotshisiwe futhi uhlanganiswe. Mhlawumbe ngangingekho naye. Siyabonga, ngenza kube ephephile futhi kuzwakala. Ngemuva kwalokho, ngangibuza, "Uzama ukungibulala noma ukungihlasela?" Angazi impendulo yalo mbuzo. Into eyodwa engiyaziyo ukuthi lapho ekhona futhi eqinisweni kuyisivikelo. Ikuvikela kubantu abahlakaniphile nabademoni. Ngiphinde ngikhethe futhi ngihlale ngikhetha ukuthi ngiyiqiniso mayelana nemizwa yami nokuthi yini empilweni yami ngoba abantu abaseduze nawe basesimweni esiyingozi ngoba bafuna okuthile kuwe. Futhi, ungazi ukuthi kuyini.