4 things that I have learnt about haters.


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After my recent post about my experience as a vegan, I received an e-mail from a former yogi and yoga teacher who, in a nutshell, told me that my experience was incorrect and that, as a yoga teacher, I should be telling people to become vegan.

Truthfully, when I read the e-mail, I was stunned at how someone could’ve misunderstood the whole purpose of the article, that everyone should listen to their own bodies. Striving for health is not a label, it’s a way of life.

After I re-read it, I was so struck by the negative energy that was so apparent through that e-mail. It affirmed what I have come to learn about ‘Haters’:

1. They want to steal your light.

As the Editor-in-Chief and Head-Writer of BiologiqueLife, I am very proud of our success. In one year, we have over 4000 subscribers from all over the world. With any success and influence comes negativity. People who, instead of living in their own light and shining bright, prefer to watch others shine and shed darkness on others’ light. Just like what Martin Luther King jnr. said, ‘Hate cannot drive out hate’. Retaliation against haters will only create more negativity in the world, be better and stronger than them. Hold onto your light.

2. Misery loves company.
There’s a reason why a saying like this exists and has for a long time because it is true.

If someone has enough time to write an extensive e-mail that is driven by negativity, it is usually because this is the only way that they know how to get attention. They could be doing something else with their time like being the change that they wish to see in The World; however, they have chosen to be negative towards you. It says more about them than it does about you.

3. Living your truth will affect people who aren’t.

The hard truth is that there are many people who are unhappy in this world. As a society, we are not promoted to be great or live our own truth. Although things are changing, when you live your truth, someone always has something negative to say about it. But, don’t let that stop you! Someone’s opinion of you is merely an opinion. You are the only one who has to live with your decisions; not the person who doesn’t know anything about you but is judging you from afar.

4. ‘When they go low, you go high’- Michelle Obama

Unfortunately a lot of the time, The World can seem like a negative place. Especially with the influence of social media, we have become critical and judgemental of every single thing someone says or does. Being in the space of judgement stops authentic love from entering our lives. So, when someone comes at you with negativity, go high! Take what you need to learn about that person and situation and move forward. Proceed with integrity, authenticity, grace and positivity. It always pays off in the end.