Dear Fake Girl,


Image from Unsplash  


 Dear Fake Girl,

I know why you move the way that you move. You have never had a chance to stand firm in your truth. And, now your truth has become foggy. and so have your actions and your words.

You see, being fake is a facade. The facade is very visible. It is visible that standing in front of a mirror pains you and that pain you spread through gossip, passive aggressiveness and lack of sincerity.

Just like with anything else, the facade fades and when it does, what will you leave behind? One day, no one will care what you have to say because the smile that you wear holds no sincerity and genuineness. People are smarter than you think.

So, instead of spreading fake love and fake compliments. Maybe try being real? Seek real love and support within yourself so that you can spread it to others.

What we accumulate in our minds, bodies and our souls spreads energetically. So, don’t be surprised if right now you have fake friends and people around you who are flakey. Only once you learn to stand in your truth can you/ will you be able to spread genuine love and kindness.

So, start today because each moment is too important to spend seeking things to complete us. Your true power stands in knowing and understanding that you are enough. Your genuine self is enough, even if others don’t accept it. You don’t need their acceptance. You are the only one who needs to accept you.