Dear God, I give up on romantic love.


Image from Unsplash  


Dear God,

I give up! I give up believing that I will ever find love because at this moment, I am certain that I won’t.

If it were in my cards, why would I be taken through so many bad experiences with men? Why would I be put through the wringer so many times by different men? All of them look different, seem different but are the same.

God, I give up on the idea of me ending up with my soulmate or someone who is kind and respectful because I have lost hope. And, the only hope that I have now is a life of being a bachelorette for the rest of this lifetime.

God, I accept that the life of romantic love is not for everyone and it is certainly not for me because I have not met a man who can fit the role that I had created in my life. Now that the role doesn’t exist, I find security.

Security that I don’t have to force myself to date another person that I don’t like, lacks fundamental respect, doesn’t call me back, mistreats women, doesn’t tell the truth or, care about any of it.

Because, God, I give up on romantic love.