Dear God, please reveal his truth.

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

Dear God,

I pray for peace over my twin flame situation.

I know that you will come through for me like you have always done. I am your vessel. If you believe that he is the best man for me then, I accept it. But, if not, please guide me to the reason why you have sent me all these sign?

Right now, God, I am not at peace about this twin flame situation. I am not sure that this is the right direction for me. I have always been sure of one thing that, the man that I spend the rest of this lifetime with should only be interested in me, romantically, and he will give me back what I give him.

The man that you have revealed to me as my twin flame seems interested in many women and, sometimes, I am not sure that I am the only. I’m not sure if he is capable of giving and loving in the capacity that I expect from a partner.

You know of my history with men who I used to be with, men who have cheated, men who have made other women feel special in front of me and, men who have pretended to be there for me but were unable to give pure love and respect.

I don’t want to hold onto baggage but I don’t want to relive the past hurt either. God, please help me find my lesson.

I am done with men who think that the physical is the most important thing about life. It is important, yes, but so is conversation and generally wellbeing.

God, I pray that you give me clarity of whether I am making the right choice by deciding to be with him. If not, I will let him go. Two peaceful people apart serve a bigger  purpose than two destructive people together.

I still have unanswered questions about this: If he is so interested, where is he? If he is so into me, why isn’t he beside me? God, please reveal his truth. 

If my twin flame is going to play on my insecurities to ‘win’ me over then, I am better alone. Because I choose peace and love. Peace and love, whether I am alone or with someone else.

I know that all that you have promised comes to pass but I need your help to clarify your vision for me and this man. Right now, things seem too blurry for me to understand and I need to understand if this path with this man is healthy and safe, or not.

If it is not, please grant me the strength to walk away and leave the dream of having him in my life behind because no other person or thing deserves my peace, no matter how much they are willing to do for me.