Why 3 celebrities went vegan and why they won't go back.


It seems that more and more people are becoming vegan, even some people you would've never thought would be.


A vegan is someone who does not eat or use animal products.


Many people's reasoning for becoming vegan differs, here are the reason why these celebrities went vegan:


1. Bill Clinton


President Clinton says. 'Going vegan saved my life.' He had heart issues that were related to his diet and had a few operations done until a doctor recommended a plant-based diet. Since then he boasts of advantages of more energy, fewer stomache issues and a peak in his overall health. Clinton went vegan seven years ago and also says that his longevity is due to his lifestyle change from the traditional Southern diet of red meat and carbohydrates, with little vegetables to a plant-based one.




2. Jessica Chastain


'I used to think about dieting but now I'm vegan.' Chastain implies that she bordered an eating disorder but now focuses on being healthy, which is important to her. The actress attributes her health to this diet, claiming that her high-cholesterol lowered as a result of going vegan. She was a pescatarian for fifteen years and her consumption of shellfish was increasing her cholesterol. She, too, boasts of more energy and says that her skin cleared with the help of her plant-based diet.



3. Russell Simmons


Simmons has been a proud vegan for almost seventeen years. The hip hop mogul also released a book, The Happy Vegan. Which features recipes and the changes that came with being vegan. He mentions that he lost 20 pounds and has never put the pounds back on. He raves about the plant-based way of life and says that he will never go back to his old ways.


*If you are going to vegan, please do so with caution. Make sure that you are getting enough vitamins, protein and mostly plants in your diet.