3 ways to affordably eat organically.

Image by Getty Images

Image by Getty Images

Trust me I know, eating organically can be expensive. As a health coach, most of my clients have difficulty maintaining healthy and organic lifestyles in the city- as organic products can cost way more than conventional ones. 

So, to save us all money, here are three places that you can find cheaper organic products- from food to cleaning products:

1. Thrive Market

I have become obsessed with this online store. I love WholeFoods; however, it can be expensive, I have often heard people refer to them as whole paychecks. Thrive Market is an online market that offers 30% discounts on all products. Due to its delivery method, fresh produce is not available but they carry many household products. It is totally worth ordering from; however, give the order a full week to arrive after ordering. Even after shipping, it is still cheaper than WholeFoods. 

2. Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is not admired for their produce; however, they are known for their variety of organic products. You might be met with a long line of customers but if you can bypass that and them, you will find some great deals on organic products. The organics are priced competitively so they are relatively close to the same pricing as conventional products.There is a Trader Joe's in most major cities in The US and they deliver too. 

3. CSA aka Community Supported Agriculture. 

CSA is a program set up with a farm so that they provide you with fresh local produce as you, and other members, pay for the costs to keep the farm up and running. They are not all organic so make sure to look for the word organic. You will also need to pick up your produce every week and are sent what they have seasonally, which is environmentally sustainable too. If not choosing your weekly vegetables is okay with you, you will love this and save money. Visit: www.localharvest.org