Easy gluten and dairy-free brownie recipe from a chef.

This recipe was for a coworker who had a lot of dietary restrictions. I came up with the idea as, I love making desserts for our staff; however, not everyone can enjoy them. Some co-workers couldn't enjoy it because it was not gluten-free or dairy-free. So, I decided that it was unfair for them not to be able to enjoy a delicious treat. 

That's when I came up with a recipe for a cookie that they could enjoy too. Then the research began, I had never made a cookie like this before using flaxseed, almond milk and pumpkin purée and a gluten free flour blend. But it turned out to be a success.


Pumpkin Brownies 

6tbs coconut oil

¾ c pumpkin purée

6oz coco powder

2tbs flax seed +1 tbs water

1tsp vanilla extract 

3tbs cornstarch 

¼ tsp salt


1. Mix coconut oil ,pumpkin and coco powder together.

2.Make flax seed eggs by combining flax seed with water , then add to mixture.

3. Fold in vanilla ,cornstarch and salt. 

4.Bake@350 degrees for around 20 min. 

About the Chef


I remember standing in my father's kitchen while he was cooking , the fire on the stovetop the sound of the knife hitting the cutting board. I was young, felt like I didn't belong in the kitchen but it was something magical to me . Everything about being in the kitchen excites me, I knew that it was my passion. 


My name is Quency A Traore ,  I fell in love with cooking at a very young age. When my father ,who is also a Chef, used to bake cookies from scratch. It was truly a wonder to see him take something as common as flour, sugar, eggs and butter and make something as delicious as cookies . 


I am now 22 , and still remember the taste of those cookies. Which made me want to master baking so that I could replicate it. So, I went to school for three years studying baking at Monroe college, New Rochelle . Throughout college,I have worked with numerous Chefs all across NYC to learn and gain knowledge about baking and cooking.  I enjoy being around the thrill and excitement of the busy, hot, crazy performance of working in a kitchen. It's a place where you can truly be the artist that you know you are. It also allows space to experiment with crazy techniques and ingredients. There are not many places you can do that besides the kitchen.


I get inspiration from the people around me , many of my associates and friends have ideas and thoughts for food . So, me being the mad scientist I am I will take an idea and transform it. Working with dietary restrictions is challenging but, as a Chef, I am always up for the challenge.