3 easy fun organic summer drinks

image from printerest

image from printerest

Summertime is a time for fun. Fun people, fun drinks and fun parties. Sometimes, the idea of fun can make us think of being unhealthy and falling out of our healthy routines. Which, does not have to be the case. 

You can still have organic fun that has less preservatives and will not strain your kidneys and livers as much as non-organic and heavily processed alcoholic drinks. They are not 100% healthy; however, they are healthier than your conventional drinks- AND delicious. 

1. Tequila spritz- serving for one drink.

You will need: an ounce of organic Tequila, I recommend 3 amigos Organic Tequila, a cup full of organic frozen fruit of your choice, sparkling water. Organic mint leaves as a garnish. And ICE!

How to: Place cup full of organic frozen fruit in a glass, pour an ounce of Organic Tequila over fruit. Fill the rest of the glass with sparkling water and stir. Place organic mint leaf in the drink as a garnish. 


2. Organic fresh mojito- for a serving


You will need: an ounce and a half of organic rum, we recommend twisted path rum, half an ounce of dark agave, organic mint leaves and organic limes. AND ICE!

How to: Cut two limes into halves and then muddle them with three mint leave in a glass, add organic rum and organic agave. Add ice cubes and stir until tasty, cool and yummy.


3. Rosé Sangria


This one is really easy! 

You will need: Half a glass of organic rosé, sparkling water and ice. 

How to: Place half a glass of organic rosé, we recommend Patsch rosè, into a glass. Add sparkling water and ice to fill the glass. Give it a stir and ENJOY!


If you would like to purchase any of these organic liquors online, the link is below:




by Hali Tsotetsi

Hali was born in New York but raised in South Africa, her parents native country, and England. She now resides in New York. She is the CEO and founder of BiologiqueLife. She is a skin specialist, certified health coach, certified yoga teacher and CEO/Founder of KindGirlco.- an organic cosmetic company. She believes that everyday has been sent to us in order for our souls to flourish through challenge and gratitude.