A refreshing and delicious summer drink

As we swiftly approach the equinox, the warmer days beckon us to turn on our Frose & Moscow Mule appetites.  Though I am not a believer in the rules of seasonal drinking (i.e. Manhattans in winter, G&Ts in summer), there is no denying that summer inspires me to drink what grows as trite as that might sound.  Therefore, here are a smattering of uncomplicated, charming cocktail ideas for a relatively healthy and lightly debaucherous summer of tipples! All the recipes are alcohol substitution friendly, as almost any spirit combination will succeed pending your personal fancies. They are also mocktail proof (just as refreshing and fulfilling in abstention), but in championing a balanced life, a moderation of alcohol paired with the nature's summer offerings can be nourishing for the body and soul!
The inhale of herbs are simply intoxicating on a breezy, summer night.  Herbs have time tested healing properties - dill supports healthy digestion and lavender is renown for its anti-inflammatory properties: both are stress soothers.  An effective way to showcase herbs in cocktails is by effortlessly infusing them in a simple syrup while still hot.  Just add fresh or dried herbs to the hot syrup (1 part h20 to 1 part sugar) - adjusting to your potency - and infuse uncovered for 6 to 24 hours.  Strain before use and store in refrigerator for up to 1 month.  If you're strapped for time, simply pick some fresh herbs and add them to the shaker - making sure to release their herbaceous oils by "smacking" the herbs in your hands prior. 3/4 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz dill/lavender simple syrup2 oz american gin, with floral characteristics like Dorothy Parker or Brooklyn GinAdd ~3/4 oz club soda over ice in collins glass, Shake other ingredients, Strain into glassGarnish with a sprig of dill

by Weisi Li Basore