3 teas that I highly recommend for a detox


 Summer fun can sometimes take on a life of its own. Although Summer is fun, it may be coupled with some bad habits.

That's why I recommend doing a 7-day-detox in the middle of Summer so that you can cleanse your organs and not become attached to habits that may not be healthy for you but become so easy to keep doing during The Summer.

These are SOME of my Go-to Teas while I am on a cleanse, all of these teas are caffeine-free:

1. Yogi Tea

The name may sound a bit cliché; however, this tea really gives you value for your money. My favourite is a Mango Ginger, however, they do have an array of different teas. They also have specific teas for detox like the 'Skin Detox' and 'Liver Cleanse'. Also very affordable.

2. Numi Tea

Although Numi Tea doesn't have specific detox teas, they use a lot of ingredients in their teas which are great for detox. My favourite is the Rooibos, it is so clean and fresh. I recommend starting your morning with a rooibos tea and some fresh ginger while you are on a detox.

3. Choice Organic Tea

The same goes for Numi Tea, Choice Organic does not have specific teas for a detox; however, they offer tea flavored such as Blackberry&Hibiscus. Which, are ingredients that are known to detox one's body. As with the other two teas, I recommend them as they are inexpensive and are worth the value for your money.