A quick and delicious Cashew Hemp Matcha Latte

Uliya Tsybulka.

Yogini, dancer, foodie and health enthusiast based in NYC. Since I was born I had been diagnosed with numerous "chronic" diseases, treated with chemical medicine limiting my fitness and well being. When I started digging deeper into how wonderful and healing natural food was, my health has never been the same. The doctors couldn't believe the illnesses were gone and by having more energy and becoming more active, I was amazed by the strength of my body.

I love to start my day on a good note. Setting the tone, help my body and mind to activate and energize.Recently, a consistent element of my morning routine has been making a delicious matcha latte. Apart from its taste that I love, matcha is a powerhouse with amazing benefits for the body: providing metabolic support, nourishing the body with antioxidants, giving a caffeine kick with no crash afterwards, steady and focused energy.I'm about to share with you my favorite recipes, very easy to make. I prefer using a blender (which, of course, is not the traditional way of making it), it's very convenient, fast and makes a latte very frothy. Feel free to mix and match the ingredients, add your favorite spices or any type of sweetner of your preference.


Cashew Hemp Matcha Latte

Ingredients (all organic)

Cashews soaked overnight (a few, around 7 or 8 should work, depending on your preference, add more if you want to make it creamier);

Hemp seeds (1 teaspoon)

Matcha (2/3 of a teaspoon, sifted);

Cinnamon (to taste);

A cup of hot water.



The beauty of this recipe is that you don't need any store bought milk (which you can you if you like, of course) but I want to show you how you how easy it is to make it yourself, just blending the nuts and seeds with some hot water (you don't need to strain cashew or hemp milk) and enjoy the creamy taste while nurturing your body with some Omega 3's from the hemp seeds.


Cashew Hemp Matcha Latte