Shrimp Rice Bowl that takes less than 15 minutes


This dish is one that I make often, I would say at least twice-a-week. It's inspired by my favourite cuisine, Thai. It shouldn't take you longer than 15 minutes to make and can serve 2-3 people. Whip it up and serve with some sake to bring out the flavours of the dish.


You will need ( all organic) can be found at Wholefoods Market:


• Pre-cooked jasmine or basmati rice. 4 cups.

• a cup of bok choy.

•a cup of dandelion greens.

• a cup of mini peppers, the sweet kind.

• 3 cups of pre-cooked shrimp.

• 1/2 a teaspoon of crushed ginger

• 1/2 a cup of crushed peanuts.

• 3 dashes of soy sauce.

• a cup of carrot ginger miso dressing.

• a spoon of mango chutney.

• a tablespoon of grape seed oil.


How to do it:

1. Pre-heat your wok on high.


2. Add grape seed oil.


3. Lower heat to medium. Then add rice.


4. Add vegetables and shrimp


5. Add sauces and peanuts.


6. Stir well.


7. Enjoy