Devoted yogi, Chauncie Parchment lets us in on his practice.

Chauncie Parchment has a practice that indicates his love for the asanas . He is a devoted yogi with a lot of knowledge. Here are some inspirational words from this yogi.

How long have you been teaching?
I began teaching yoga as an appreciation for Yoga to the people. One of the requirements before you get certified as one of their hot yoga instructors is to teach 20 classes for free as an apprenticeship.

What motivated you to teach and what have you learned?
I've always wanted to live as freely as possible and be in control of my time and energy. Wiring a 9-5 job as a city worker or as an employee of a boutique in clothing ,street or health food store did not permit me a life where I can make my own choices. I didn't like the idea of renting my time for 10, 11 or $12 an hour. I knew that my time was priceless, and to me the work I was doing was empty. I needed to find a job where I can do what I love to do. I wanted to help heal other people while I continued to heal myself. Teaching has taught me that every single day I need to clear quiet observant and helpful.

How many days a week do you practice?
I practice every day and my practice changes from day to day. Some days I can't make it to class so I practice at home, this may consist of a full practice or just Tibetans, pranayama and a couple of Sun salutations.

Who inspires yours practice?
My own belief and curiosity to reveal the secrets and benefits of the yoga practice. Along with the stories of ancient Masters who achieved phenomenal abilities through their yoga practice.

Why do you think it is necessary for you to practice?
I believe it is necessary for me to practice so that  I can remove the the physical, emotional and mental trauma that has caused energetic blockages inside of my body. I feel it is necessary for me to practice removing the conditioning that has been done from living on this earth. To help open my being to many realities that exist and reconnect to the ancient ways and lastly to maintain vitality and longevity.

What message are you trying to spread throughout teaching yoga?

To reconnect with your inner highest most powerful self, to reconnect with your brothers and sisters , to reconnect with your ancestors and to reconnect with the ancient ways of living.

Where are you currently teaching?
I currently teach at Lighthouse Yoga School, Yoga Tribe, Brooklyn Urban Asanas and Hot Spot yoga.

Have you been through anything significant in your life and how has yoga played a role in it? I've had a pretty rocky relationship with my mother and my father and other members in my family growing up we've never fully got along and it's always been a push and pull in ideas and values and I never felt like they accept me for the way I wanted to live. Yoga has given me the space to see the issues that I face within  myself and within my mother and my father so that I can catch these things while they're coming up in conversation and so that I can free myself from the fears and insecurities that are holding me hostage and preventing me from loving my own family and I love myself so I thank yoga for clearing me up mentally so that I am able to open up my heart and accept my mother my father and my family for who they are and how they are and have that loving strong family unit that is necessary for each individual on planet Earth.