3 things that could be ruining your skin.


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I always say that, ‘Behind every confident person is smooth and healthy skin’, because how we feel about our skin can have an effect on how we see ourselves and thus, how others see us.

I struggled for years with eczema and rosacea and nothing helped me for many years. This led me to do some of my research and I discovered that most skin products main ingredient was water which dries the skin out.

As a result of my findings, I went back to school to study skin and graduated with a diploma in organic skincare formulation.

Over the years of running a skincare company and helping people with their skin, I have seen what can damage the skin.

I will share with you 3 things that could be ruining your skin:

1. Water

When we think of water, we think of hydration; however, we are not referring to external hydration. Externally, we use water to cleanse, not to hydrate. Most products use 70% or more of water as a base to save money. However, this is not ideal for your skin because the more water that is in your products, the more preservatives are needed in your products to keep them at shelf-life. That is why most people currently have acne because products are drying out their skin and instead of hydration, toxic chemicals are being placed on their skin.

Remedy: Opt out your water-based skin products for ones that are rich in oils and moisture.

2. Synthetic Fragrance

According to a study released by The FDA in 2016, fragrance is the number 1 carcinogen. Not only is that unhealthy for your lungs but if placed on your skin, it can lead to different skin disorders and problems. When I refer to fragrance, I am referring to synthetic fragrances which is most commonly used in our everyday life. Although there are limitations to essential oil fragrance, there are less because essential oils are made from botanicals that are more compatible with our skin cells and are derived from plants so they have less of an effect on the environment.

Remedy: Swap out your old synthetic fragrance for an essential oil-based fragrance.

3. Lifestyle

You can take of your skin all you want but if you eat unhealthily, drink a lot of coffee and alcohol, and are stressed out all the time, you will see your skin deteriorate. Spend all the money you want that you want in the world and it will not change a thing. Health is a lifestyle and usually your skin will show you that you need to make a change in your lifestyle.

Remedy: Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you are getting enough sleep, eating enough greens or drinking enough water. Then do more of what you need to bring a healthy balance to your life.


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10 raisons pour lesquelles il est important de parler


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Nous avons tous quelque chose qui nous passionne: les droits de l’homme, les droits des animaux, le féminisme, la durabilité, l’amour, etc. La liste s’allonge encore et encore.

Quelle que soit votre passion, je vous encourage à en parler.Je suis moi-même passionné par quelques domaines, en particulier les droits des femmes et le fait que les femmes soient décrites dans des médias aussi puissants et puissants que les hommes, car ces représentations laissent une trace dans notre esprit.

Voici 10 raisons pour lesquelles il est nécessaire de parler de ce en quoi vous croyez:

1. C’est important.

2. Votre voix doit être entendue.

3. Cela pourrait inspirer quelqu'un d'autre.

4. Vous pourriez vous surprendre.

5. Vous pourriez surprendre quelqu'un d'autre.

6. Vous pourriez être exactement ce que quelqu'un a besoin d'entendre.

7. Cela pourrait encourager quelqu'un d'autre.

8. Cela pourrait vous aider à progresser.

9. Cela pourrait vous aider à vous laisser aller.

10. Cela pourrait aider le monde à devenir un meilleur endroit. 

10 reasons why it’s important to speak up.


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We all have something that we’re passionate about, it might be human rights, animal rights, feminism, sustainability, love... the list goes on and on.

Whatever you are passionate about, I encourage you to speak up about it. I, myself, am passionate about a few things, particularly women’s rights and women being portrayed in media as powerful and strong as men are portrayed to be, because portrayals leave an imprint on our minds.

Here are 10 reasons why it is necessary to speak up about what you believe in:

1. It’s important.

2. Your voice needs to be heard.

3. It might inspire someone else.

4. You might surprise yourself.

5. You might surprise someone else.

6. You might be exactly what someone needs to hear.

7. It might encourage someone else.

8. It could help you progress.

9. It could help you let go.

10. It could help the world be a better place.

10 inspirational quotes by Gary Zukav



When I saw Gary Zukav speak on Oprah for the first time, he was featured on a segment called ‘Super Soul Sunday’. This was four years ago and he spoke about a Spiritual Partnership that he shared between him and his partner, Linda. One that two people share that is higher than romantic relationships, beyond games and allows spiritual growth between two people. 

After that, I read his book entitled Spiritual Partnerships and it enlightened me about a relationship that I wanted to attract into my life. One that enriched each other’s souls as opposed to depleted them. In general, Gary has a great way of simplifying what the soul is and how it relates to us in our lives and relationships.

Here are 10 inspiring quotes about Gary Zukav.

1. The amount of stress in your life is determined by how much energy you expend resisting your life.

2. Try to realize, and truly realize, that what stands between you and a different life are matters of responsible choice.

3. Eventually, you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.

4. Humbleness, forgiveness, clarity and love are the dynamics of freedom. They are the foundations of authentic power.

5. Spiritual growth requires the development of inner knowing and inner authority. It requires the heart, not the intellect.

6. What is behind your eyes holds more power than what is in front of them.

7. Awareness is a blissful state, not a painful one.

8. Spiritual Partnership ... The new female and the new male are partners on a journey of spiritual growth. They want to make the journey. Their love and trust keep them together. Their intuition guides them. They consult with each other. They are friends. They laugh a lot. They are equals. That is what a spiritual partnership is: a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth.

9. The loving personality seeks not to control, but to nurture, not to dominate, but to empower.

10. If you choose to forgive someone who has wronged you rather than to hate that person, you shift the frequency of your Light.

4 things you can do instead of hate Donald Trump


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It’s been a gloomy and crazy two years with President Trump in the office. Now, more than ever, The U.S.A. is very divided. A lot of people are frustrated, annoyed and anxiously awaiting when he will no longer be President.


While this is the reality of many, some people are happy that he is in his position because they believe in his mentality of firmness and that he gets things done.

Whether you agree with him or not, the reality is that he is our President and hating him will not help us progress as a nation. So, instead of hating him, try these FOUR things:

1. Voting

This one is obvious; however, not as obvious as some people may think. I, myself, never really gave voting that much influence until Donald Trump became president. For many years, I had the mentality that someone else would vote for me. However, in a democracy, everyone is responsible for making change happen. In a true democracy, your voice counts towards the end result; it doesn’t always mean that you win but it means that you are heard.

2. Listening to those who voted for someone else.

Although I am an American citizen, I grew up in two other countries so I have a different perspective. I have never lived in a country that is so divided by policies and it frightens me. It makes me ask the question, how can humanity and understanding occur when two sides are at war with each other?

When I speak to a lot of liberals, they look down upon conservatives. And, when I speak to a lot of conservatives, they feel like they aren’t truly allowed to say how they feel. What is the solution? Listening to each other, first. If we speak down upon another, it isolates the other person and the unity is lost. Instead of building a wall of judgement; build a relationship of understanding by listening to why someone decided to vote for him in the first place.

3. Keep your thoughts positive.

I had to stop watching CNN, MSNBC and other news networks because I feel like they focus too much on the downfalls on President Trump. In the laws of physics, what you focus on expands. So, if we continue to hate Trump, he will become stronger. How about we focus on love and positive thoughts? How about we manifest the kind of country that we want? Instead of giving in to hate and negativity. Like Martin Luther King JNR. said, ‘Hate is too great a burden to bear.’ So, let’s elevate our collective consciousness by speaking and thinking words of positivity to get us out of this negative place we are in.

4. Learn why and how this happened.

Trump didn’t come from another planet to ruin ours, like a lot of people paint it. He was born and raised in this country, which means that there are other people like him. These people feel the way he does and are a symptom of the corporate America, where a certain demographic of Americans feel entitled to be better, smarter and more advantaged than others. We need to learn what about The American system has caused this to occur and how we can prevent this. And then find solutions: More money in education? Moving towards other energy resources that can provide people with jobs? Provide accessible healthcare? The past has happened so that we can learn from it, not pretend like it didn’t exist.

Why do I want to forgive him?

 Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

 Why do I want to forgive him?

Because it is not healthy to hold onto anger. I want to forgive him because I am tired of questioning why he hasn't responded or put forward actions, instead of merely talking. I want to forgive him because I am tired of feeling rejected and he doesn't have as much power in my life as I have previously given him.

I want to forgive him because he is not a bad person- merely human and, just like I, he has issues. I want to forgive him because it is the best way to move forward from this. I want to forgive him because I cannot force him to change, I cannot re-write the past and I don't want to. I learnt so much about life and loving, which is even more reason for me to forgive as I am grateful and pleased with the outcome.

I want to forgive him because my next chapter is too promising to be ruined by feelings of bitterness, worry and uncertainty. I want to forgive him because I am certain that I deserve a love that is not heavily burdened by insecurities; that reassures us when we are not sure.

I want to forgive him because I cannot force the truth. It is not forced or jaded. I want to forgive him because he has served his purpose in my life, it may not have been how I wanted it but I am here. I am here to forgive because there is nothing more beneficial.

10 inspirational quotes by Elon Musk


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There is nothing more inspirational, to me, than when someone becomes rich by bettering the world. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, was born in Pretoria, South in 1971. He moved to The U.S.A. to study and has been here ever since. 


He speaks of Tesla as being proof that electric cars can look good too.  


Here are 10 inspirational quotes from Mr. Musk: 

1.’When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour.’

2. ‘You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve.’

3. ‘I'm not trying to be anyone's savior. I'm just trying to think about the future and not be sad.’

4. ‘It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.’

5. ‘When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.’

6. ‘Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.’

7. ‘Life is too short for long-term grudges.’


8.’ Patience is a virtue, and I’m learning patience. It’s a tough lesson.’


9. ‘Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up.’


10. ‘It’s OK to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to that basket.’

11 things that I am sorry for.


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When I forgive others, I do so after having forgiven myself. Because I know in my life, I have done things that I am not proud of.

So, here is a list of 11 things that I am sorry for:

1. For being judgemental, at times.

2. For being unapproachable.

3. For giving my ex-boyfriend a reason to call me crazy.

4. For having fed into stereotypes.

5. For not being truthful when I wasn’t interested in someone.

6. For dating two friends at once, twice.

7. For calling myself nasty names.

8. For calling others nasty names.

9. For ever projecting how I feel onto another.

10. For selling myself short.

11. For ever caring what anyone else has said or thought about me.

10 quotes to help you get through tough times.


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Tough times can be a chance for you to become a victim or a victor. Our choices during difficult situations can set us up to become better people or weaken us. But, it all starts with the mind. Some days, we have to literally take a step at a time, trusting that we will be okay.

Here are 10 quotes to help you through a difficult situation:

1. ‘You're going to go through tough times - that's life. But I say, 'Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.' See the positive in negative events.’- Joel Osteen

2. ‘If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow.’ - Beyonce Knowles

3. ‘We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.’ - Maya Angelou

4. ‘Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.’ - Oprah Winfrey

5. ‘The only problem we really have is we think we’re not supposed to have problems! Problems call us to higher level, face & solve them now!’- Tony Robbins.

6. ‘Choose to be optimistic, it feels better’ - The Dalai Lama

7. ‘And I know that I can survive, I walked through fire to save my life.’ - Sia

8. ‘Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.’- Ghandi

9. Ask me to steal, block out, sacrifice, lead, dominate, anything. But it’s not what you ask of me it’s what I ask of myself.’

LeBron James

10. ‘It always seems impossible until it's done.’ - Nelson Mandela

11 things that I’ll never be sorry for


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Recently, a colleague bumped into me and somehow my reaction to this was to think that if only I had thought to stand further out of the way, he wouldn't have bumped into me. I found myself saying sorry to someone about something that I shouldn't have been sorry for.

My irrational apology was basically saying, "Sorry for being in the way when I wasn't in the way." I began to question what else I was or had been sorry for, and made a decision to no longer be sorry for the following:

I'm not sorry for:

1. Who I am.

There's a reason why all of us are born as the people we are.

2. For not being a person that someone else wants me to be.

Nobody else can live my life, and there's nothing wrong with living life the way that I want to.

3. For not being perfect.

There's no such thing as perfect.

4. For having an opinion.

We're all allowed to form ideas based on our experiences.

5. For messing up.

Mistakes are inevitable and I have something to learn from them.

6. For loving someone.

My intention is to spread love. Sometimes I get it back and sometimes I don't. Regardless of the outcome, I won't miss out on an opportunity to love someone.

7. For feeling.

Feelings remind me that I am alive.

8. For asking someone to do something.

The worst thing that they can say is no.

9. For forgetting sometimes.

All of us forget, what can we do?

10. For failing or falling.

Both of these actions re-route our journeys and we often end up having acquired more knowledge and wisdom than we had previously thought.

11. For taking my time.

My time belongs to me.

15 more reasons to forgive


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In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Forgiveness liberates the soul, it removes fear. That’s why it’s such a powerful weapon.”

1. I forgive because I want to be free of bitterness.

2. I forgive because there is always a silver-lining, I just need to find it.

3. I forgive because there is a bigger picture.

4. I forgive because love is more important to me.

5. I forgive because peace is more important to me.

6. I forgive because releasing my problems and anger to The Higher Consciousness is stronger than me holding onto it.

7. I forgive because peace relieves my body of anxiety and stress.

8. I forgive because there will be an answer, not on my time but when it is the right time.

9. I forgive because I continue to learn.

10. I forgive because I continue to grow.

11. I forgive because anger has no place in my heart.

12. I forgive because my life is a journey that I would like to happily walk through as much as I can.

13. I forgive because my life is in my hands.

14. I forgive because I am responsible for my own actions.

15. I forgive because life is going on and I want to keep up with it.

4 razones por las que la unidad parece una fantasía en Estados Unidos.


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Si a alguno de nosotros nos gusta admitirlo o no, hay mucha negatividad, ira y rabia palpables entre nosotros en Estados Unidos. Parece que el presidente actual (y su gabinete cambiante) ha tenido un impacto en nuestra vida diaria.

Como nación, estamos atrapados en el modo de lucha o huida. Listo para atacar a cualquiera que diga algo que no esté de acuerdo con lo que creemos. He vivido en los EE. UU. Durante casi 14 años y hay una clara división entre todos (que viven aquí).

Y, estas son 4 razones por las que:


1. Hablamos más de lo que escuchamos. ¿Alguna vez has notado cómo la gente habla sobre ti cuando intentas decir algo? Siento que ahora, más que nunca, muy pocas personas se escuchan activamente, pero son las primeras en decir algo. El Dalai Lama dice: 'Cuando hablas, solo estás repitiendo lo que sabes. Pero, si escuchas, puedes aprender algo nuevo ". La falta de la escucha nos mantiene atascados en nuestro pensamiento y construye un muro entre nosotros y la persona con la que mantenemos una conversación, porque no nos estamos dando la oportunidad de estar abiertos.


2. Estamos adheridos a las etiquetas. Demócrata. Republicano. Negro. Blanco. Asiático. Gay Derecho. Vegano. Vegetariano. La lista sigue y sigue. No soy anti-etiquetas; Simplemente creo que las etiquetas pueden impedir que escuchemos, amemos y entendamos a alguien que no usa la misma etiqueta que usted. Hace poco recibí un correo electrónico de un profesor de yoga que me dijo que debía obligar a las personas a ser veganas porque soy maestra de yoga. Leer ese correo electrónico me rompió el corazón porque probablemente le está diciendo lo mismo a sus alumnos. ¿Qué pasa si ella tiene una persona no vegana en su clase de yoga y escucha ese comentario? ¿Cómo se sentirá esa persona? Lo más probable es que se sientan aislados, creando una división entre ella y un estudiante. Me entristece cuando veo que esto sucede porque realmente creo que las etiquetas pueden ser limitantes. Sólo gustar a alguien con la misma etiqueta que nosotros es limitado y débil. Hay fuerza en los números, los números aumentan cuando dejamos que las etiquetas se vayan y nos aceptemos por lo que somos y lo que debemos ser.


3. Somos adictos a ser reaccionarios.

Es difícil no ver un tweet molesto, ver un clip de YouTube o encontrarte con alguien que te odia y no decir nada al respecto. No te estoy diciendo que tengas que estar callado y pasar desapercibido. Pero le estoy pidiendo que aprenda a tener una conversación con alguien que lo haya molestado sin que las cosas se salgan de control hasta el punto de no retorno. Las reacciones solo encienden las reacciones en otros; sin embargo, las respuestas maduras permiten que ambas personas se sienten y observen. Honestamente, no siempre lo entiendo bien, pero es por eso que practicamos. Practicamos para que podamos fortalecer el músculo que nos permite tener una conversación a pesar de que estamos molestos; En lugar de volar cosas fuera de proporción.


4. Somos adictos al sensacionalismo.

Esta es una extensión de la tercera razón. Se ha puesto de moda sensacionalizar y hablar sobre lo más escandaloso que ha sucedido. La parte desafortunada de esto es que personas como nuestro presidente, Kanye West y Kardashians han descubierto que esta es la mejor manera de obtener atención. Y, con las redes sociales, la atención es igual al dinero. Que es probablemente la razón por la que dicen estas cosas indignantes en primer lugar. Tomé la decisión de que cuando escuche un comentario que Kanye West ha hecho, ya no voy a escupir algo (por indignación emocional); sin embargo, me sentaré con él y respiraré, sentiré lástima por él porque tiene que llamar la atención de esta manera y seguir adelante con mi vida. Podría seguir molesto por las declaraciones escandalosas de que a la gente le gusta Kanye Westmake mientras él se está relajando en su casa por un valor de millones de dólares, sin dar dos vueltas sobre mí O puedo seguir con mi vida y vivir la vida que merezco. La ira, la indignación, la amargura son emociones de las que quiero separarme, por lo que no hay necesidad de seguir apegándome a ellas.


4 reasons why unity may seem like a fantasy in The USA.

 image by Getty Images 

image by Getty Images 

Whether any of us like to admit it or not, there is a lot of negativity, anger and rage palpable between each other in America. It seems like the current President (and his changing cabinet) has had an impact on our daily lives. As a nation, we are stuck in fight-or-flight mode. Ready to attack anyone who says anything that remotely disagrees with what we believe.

I have lived in The USA for almost 14 years and there is clearly a divide between all of (who live here). And, these are 4 reasons why:

1. We talk more than we listen.

Have you ever noticed how people talk over you when you are trying to say something? I feel like now, more than ever, very few people are actively listening to each other but are the first to say something. The Dalai Lama says, ‘When you talk, you are only repeating what you know. But, if you listen, you may learn something new’. The lack of us listening causes us to stay stuck in our thinking and builds a wall between us and the person we are having a conversation with, because we aren’t giving ourselves a chance to be open.

2. We are attached to labels.

Democrat. Republican. Black. White. Asian. Gay. Straight. Vegan. Vegetarian. The list goes on-and-on. I’m not anti-labels; I just think that labels can stop us from hearing, loving and understanding someone who does not wear the same label as you. I recently received an e-mail from a fellow yoga teacher who told me that I need to force people to be vegan because I am a yoga teacher. Reading that e-mail broke my heart because she is probably saying the same to her students. What if she has a non-vegan in her yoga class and hears that commentary? How will that person feel? Most likely they will feel isolated, creating division between her and a student. It saddens me when I see this happen because I truly believe that labels can be limiting. Only liking someone with the same label as us is limiting and weak. There is strength in numbers, numbers increase when we let labels go and accept each other for who we are and who we were meant to be.

3. We are addicted to being reactionary.

It’s hard not to see an upsetting tweet, watch a clip from YouTube or come across someone being hateful and not say anything to them or about it. I’m not telling you that you have to be quiet and go unheard. But, I am asking you to learn to have a conversation with someone who has upset you without things escalating out of control to the point of no return. Reactions only ignite the reactions in others; however, mature responses allow both people to sit back and observe. Honestly, I don’t always get it right but that’s why we practice. We practice so that we can strengthen the muscle that allows us to be able to have a conversation even though we are upset; instead of blowing things out of proportion.

4.  We are addicted to sensationalism.

This is an extension of the third reason. It’s become trendy to sensationalize and talk about the most outrageous thing that has happened. The unfortunate part about this is that people like our President, Kanye West and The Kardashians have figured out that this is the best way to get attention. And, with social media, attention equals money. Which is probably why they say these outrageous things in the first place. I made a decision that when I hear a comment that Kanye West has made, I will no longer spew something out (out of emotional outrage); however, I will sit with it and breathe, feel pity for him that he has to get attention this way and move on with my life. I could continue to be upset by outrageous statements that people like Kanye Westmake while he is chilling in his house worth millions of dollars, not giving two hoots about me OR I can move on with my life and live the life that I deserve. Anger, outrage, bitterness are all emotions that I want to detach myself from so there is no need to keep being attached to them.

22 choses qui vous aideront à vous définir en tant qu'adulte


Image par Getty images


Après vos études secondaires, personne ne vous prévient de la folie qui nous attend: factures, loyers, travail et chagrin. Nous pouvons parfois oublier les petites choses auxquelles les adultes sont censés prêter attention, se concentrer et se faire pour le bien de l'humanité.



2. Lève-toi pour toi.


4. Dites à vos proches que vous les aimez.














18. Baissez votre garde.






The 22 things you need to do to be an adult properly.


Image by Getty Images 

After you graduate high school, no one warns you of the craziness that lies ahead: Bills , rent, work and heartbreak. We can sometimes forget the little things that adults are meant to pay attention to, focus on and do ourselves for the sake of humanity.

Here is a simple list to help you be an adult:

1. Be intentionally kind, not a doormat.

2. Stand up for yourself.

3. Smile at someone, at least once-a-day.

4. Tell your loved ones that you love them.

5. Acknowledge when you made a mistake or are in the wrong.

6. Travel!

7. Congratulate another person once-a-day for achieving something.

8. Move your body at least 4 times a week.

9. Stop complaining!

10. Stop having ulterior motives.

11. Think about others, instead of just yourself.

12. Don’t take everything so personally and seriously.

13. Learn to say no, when appropriate.

14. Learn to say yes, when appropriate.

15. Help out a stranger without expectating something back in return.

16. Stop playing games.

17. Give first! Don’t wait for someone else to give to you first.

18. Let your guard down.

19. Love and hug someone.

20. Laugh at yourself.

21. Accept and see people for who they are.

22. Love yourself.

Esikhundleni se-skinny, ngifuna ukuba yizinto ezi-10


isithombe ngemifanekiso ye-getty


Ngiphambilini ngichitha isikhathi esiningi ngifisa ukuba mnandi ukuthi ngiyazi ukuthi ukuchitha isikhathi kuyini. Nginele ngokwanele kulesikhumba. Ukuphefumula, okukwaziyo nokuphilile. Ngakho-ke, manje, Kunalokho uma i-skinny, ngifuna ukuba lokhu okulandelayo:

1. Unempilo

2. Strong

3. Iyakwazi

4. Uhlobo

5. Umdlali

6. U-Victor-noma

7. Umsindisi

8. Ukukhathazeka

9. Uzwela

Buka Kufakiwe 10 Loving


4 things I have learnt while chasing my dreams

 Image by Getty images  

Image by Getty images  

After nearly a decade of being in love with yoga, I made a courageous decision. I decided that I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I thought,how hard could it be? It's just talking.

As with almost anything that requires commitment, there's a honeymoon phase, followed by the phase when things don't look so bright and you wonder why you were ever there to begin with.

After having gone through this recently, I made a list for those who will chase or are chasing a dream:

1. Remember that it's meant to challenge you.

Growth doesn't happen by living in stability, comfort or ease. The only way that growth can occur within you is if you can find something that challenges you, and work through it. You may feel overwhelmed by challenge at some point, but the reward of achieving your dream is way more fulfilling than never going after what you want to achieve at all.

2. Be careful who you ask for advice.

While chasing your dream you'll get to a point where you want to give up. You'll question the cause of your dream and question whether you should continue. During this time, be cautious with where you seek advice. Unless someone can relate to what you are going through, don't ask for counsel! Find wisdom from those who are encouraging of your dream, and who understand what it means to you.

3. Believe in yourself.

The only way you'll be able to follow through with your commitment to your dream is by believing that you can do it. Others can tell you that you're capable; however, their opinion only goes so far if you don't believe that you are capable yourself. In addition, if you believe in yourself, when others doubt you it isn't worth being concerned about because you have found faith in yourself, and that's all that matters.

4. Be open to failure and rejection.

It takes a lot of courage to give everything that you have to a goal when it might be criticized, judged or rejected. There is a big possibility that you will give everything that you have only to have a failure slapped in your face. Many see failure as an ending, when it could be a beginning of another journey that leads to your dream.

5. Start trying today.

In a year, you'll wish that you'd started today what you hope to achieve. If you don't try today, how will you feel in a year? Time passes quicker than we can sometimes grasp, and today will eventually lead to the following year. Don't just sit around and think about what you want; do it!

10 powerful quotes by Marianne Williamson


Sourced via Goodreads and Google 


Marianne Williamson is the author of ‘A return to love’ which has broken spiritual territory. She was born on the 8th of July in 1952. She has published 12 books.

Here are 10 powerful quotes from her:

1. ‘Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.’

2. ‘The first step in forgiveness is the willingness to forgive.’

3. ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.’

4. ‘Who are we not to be?’

5. ‘Each of us has a unique part to play in healing the world’

6. ‘Children are happy because they don't have a file in their minds called "All the Things That Could Go Wrong.”’

7. ‘And no one will listen to us until we listen to ourselves’

8. ‘The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.’

9. ‘There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.’

10. ‘Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others.’

3 choses que j'ai apprises et que j'apprends encore en tant que femme patronne.


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Le week-end dernier, alors que je voyais Serena Williams s'énerver après avoir été réprimandée par l’arbitre à cause de son «coup de colère», cela m'a fait réfléchir. Cela m'a fait penser aux différentes manières dont j'ai, et parfois encore, vécu le sexisme en tant que leader sur le lieu de travail. C'est ce que j'apprends constamment dans le monde des affaires à travers le regard d'une femme:

1. défiant les étiquettes

Quand j'étais petite, mon père me disait que le monde me verrait comme une fille noire mais que je ne devrais pas m'attacher à ces étiquettes. Il m'a dit que le seul label que je devrais porter est mon nom. Il a expliqué que si je portais le label «féminin» et «noir», cela pourrait me décevoir parce que l’histoire a mis la barre basse pour nous. Je suis très fier d'être une femme noire; Cependant, l’histoire nous a montré que les femmes noires ont moins de chances de «réussir» dans ce monde. Je dois constamment me rappeler que je mérite aussi une chance de réussir, peu importe d'où je viens ou à quoi je ressemble.

2. Boss en haut!

À 20 ans, on m'a offert un poste de gestion dans un café du Lower East Side à New York, mon procureur avait 10 ans de plus que moi et mes employés avaient 10 ans de plus que moi. C'était une position difficile d'être. J'ai été appelé toutes sortes de noms, assermenté, menacé et crié presque tous les jours mais je suis resté fort. Je savais que je devais apprendre à être dur alors ou je continuerais à vivre ma vie en profitant. Je l'ai vu comme ça, j'aurais pu soit laisser les gens marcher sur moi ou être ferme et défendre mon objectif ultime parce que l'objectif était plus grand que nous.


3. Beaucoup de personnes auront un problème à travailler pour les femmes, faites-le!

Le sexisme, tout comme le racisme, est bien vivant. Et quiconque dit que ce n’est pas le cas n’est pas concerné. De gestionnaire à propriétaire d'entreprise, je vois à quel point mes collègues masculins sont traités différemment. Quand je suis assertive, je suis «sur mes règles» ou un autre mot commençant par B. J'ai siégé à des réunions où j'étais la seule femme et demandé hardiment: «Si j'avais froid parce que mes mamelons sont pointus». Il est clair que les rôles de genre se manifestent au bureau et c’est à nous de leur prouver le contraire. Certaines personnes peuvent avoir du mal à travailler pour moi parce que je suis une femme mais que cela les reflète et que tout ce que je peux faire, c'est progresser sur la voie du succès.