Shakiem Evans introduces us to HOT HIIT, available at some Hot yoga studios

  If you have not taken a Hot HIIT class, I highly recommend taking it. I love it. Particularly Shakiem's class,  I never thought that muscular activity could be so fun. I think his dance background allows students to absorb the fun of it all. He, himself, thoroughly enjoys it and it is very apparent.

Here is Shakiem's Hot HIIT journey.  


1.  How long have you been instructing HIIT?

For 3 months
2. The class is so fun. Whait motivates you to have fun?
HIIT is high intensity so keeping it fun helps students get through the class.
P.S. - A banging playlist helps!!!LOL

3. What is something that you have learnt from a fellow instructor?
My favorite classes are when the instructors are challenging yet compassionate and understanding. I strive to be just that.

4. How many times a week do you do HIIT?
3x a week is good to maintain a healthy practice. You'll really start to see the benefits. muscle toning, strong abs, glutes and legs.

5. Who inspires you to teach HIIT?
The students who want to learn how to burn the maximum amount of fat and calories and at the same time strengthen their core inspire me to teach!
6. Why is it necessary for you to do HIIT?
Because a strong CORE is the key to a strong body!  Core is the focus of the entire class. Also we incorporate the cardio in to burn fat and calories. I know people hate doing cardio but it's important. It's the ONLY way to burn fat and calories no matter ppl say.

7. What message do you like to spread through instructing?
Whatever you put into YOUR class, THAT'S what you'll get out of it.  Keep in my mind, it's your class. Work at your maximum but mindfully.

8. Where are you currently teaching HIIT?
Bikramyoganyc in New York  and Zuramontclair in Montclair, NJ

9. What outside struggle has HIIT helped you deal with? If so, how?
There's always haters!  Some people didn't believe in me, so every time  I teach the class, I'M LIKE ,  FU** YOU!!!!!!  lol