Inspiration should be her middle name, meet Rose Erin Vaughn!



 I am a huge fan of Erin Vaughn. She has humbling left a foot-mark on the yoga community. Particularly on The East Coast. 


She has has taught me so much, including the importance of knowing anatomy as a yoga teacher. She has a way of being articulate and sincere from a loving perspective. When she looks at you, you can feel her heart.

I am very grateful for her and would love to share her inspiration with our interview with her below:  


When did you decide to become a yoga teacher?

When I took my original training in 2001, I did not plan to teach. I have seen many people like this who just want to study, but then later realize that part of living, studying and practicing Yoga means TEACHING yoga also.  I started teaching yoga at a yoga studio and at a hospital cardio rehab center.  Then, once I came to New York in 2003, I wanted to continue teaching.  Well, in NYC there is huge competition.  So, I could not get a job teaching anywhere.  The studios and gyms wanted a fancy video (VHS!) of you teaching a group class and I did not have one. Plus I needed to study more.  I had other work doing massage therapy.  SO I studied with Sri Dharma Mittra for a lot more years before I started realky teaching again.

2. What has been the best part of your yoga journey? (Anything major that yoga has helped you through.)
Yoga helps me through everything.  I think it is not the outside circumstances that challenge us or reward us the most.  Its is the inner drama that can really bring us down or elevate us.  That is what Yoga helps with. No one can know what is going on inside your head and heart.... only You and the divine.

3. Who are your inspirations in the yoga community?

Sri Dharma Mittra, Yoshio Hama, Hector Marcel, Nevine Michaan, Amma

4. Please tell us about the teacher-trainings that you are offered?

We are offering a 200-hr teacher training and a 300-hr advanced certification.

I focus on embodied practice.  What you cannot feel and see inside, you cannot teach.

We use the meridian and chakra systems to help illuminate the inner world - physically, emotionally, spiritually.

It is quite a vast system that could be studied for years. But, we have created a system that allows new students to learn and apply the basic right away. We also offer Acupressure certifications for those who want to learn more about meridians and points and how to manipulate them manually.

5. Please tell us about the healing work that you offer?

I also do Acupuncture sessions in my office in Manhattan NYC.  I specialize in combining traditional acupuncture with trigger point dry needling.  Its great for athletes but also psycho-emotional of stress related issues. I treat a lot of Yogis!

6. What is your message to spread to others through teaching yoga?
As a teacher, the best qualities are patience, clarity of purpose, discipline, compassion.  That is also what I think students should develop.  The main thing is to remember the ultimate purpose behind all of the learning and practicing - to help others, to remove the obstacles that prevent us from seeing the real Self. This Self is not separate from others. 

7. Please tell us your Instagram name and Facebook name?

instagram : @erin_bodyware

Facebook : Rose Erin Vaughan