‘It’s such a waste to not enjoy what’s happening when it happens!’

Arden Goll is a yoga teacher based out of New York City. 

Arden Goll is a yoga teacher based out of New York City. 


1. What style of yoga do you teach?

I teach Vinyasa, heated and non heated, Traditional Hot, Hatha, and Restorative Yoga

2. What is your intention behind teaching?

My intention behind teaching is to help people find something in themselves that makes them FEEL. Feel good, empowered, happy, sad, strong, whatever it may be, because when people leave a class feeling this way they’re just a little more present and in tune with themselves and it’s such a wonderful thing to see your students find that.

3. Who are your mentors in yoga?

Victoria Greene. She is a teacher I work with and just finished leading a TT with.

4. What have they taught you?

So much! Too much to list; Her pranayama and anatomy knowledge is amazing and the way she can guide a class and get me to move my body and really feel it and move in a smart way has really altered my physical practice.

5. Please mention a book that you have read about yoga that has had a positive impact on you?

Ayurveda (Idiot’s Guide) by Sahara Rose Ketabi. 

This book is great! It makes Ayurveda very easy to understand and apply to your daily life, which in turn has had a great impact on my life but of course my yoga as well.

6. What lesson are you currently learning in your Asana practice?

Patience. I like to move fast and hard and flow through things. I act the same in life. I’m working on holding and breathing and being content within the moment. So practicing that on my mat and then trying to apply it to my life is my current learning situation right now. It’s not easy.

7. How often do you practice?

I practice Yoga asana 3-4 times a week in a class setting. At home I keep up daily with a meditation practice. And I’ve recently added dance classes back into my life, which is what drew me to yoga to begin with: my love of movement. 

8. How do you implement the other 7 limbs of yoga into your life other than Asana?

I just try my best to be aware of my actions and my imprint on the outer world I’m leaving behind. Be kind to all, be disciplined with myself, keeping my breath calm to keep me from snapping, observe, and meditate to try to reach peace. I just try my best with bringing the other limbs into my life and let things unfold. Sometimes it works out and well (of course) life happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

9. Why is being present so important to you

I feel like I miss out on so much when I’m not present. It’s something I’ve noticed more as I’m getting older. It’s such a waste to not enjoy what’s happening when it happens! It’s way batter then anything going on with your phone , that’s for sure. I want to enjoy the people and things around me at any given moment and when you’re not present you miss that chance.

10. How can we keep up with you on social media? What is your IG handle and/ FB name?

Instagram: @arden_cicada

FB:   Arden Goll