‘Let go of a destination.’


Carl Danielsen is a yoga teacher based out of New York City. He is the founder of his own style of yoga, Carlyoga. 


 1. What style of yoga do you teach? Carlyoga. It’s a blend of many different styles: anusara, ashtanga, katonah, vinyasa and common sense

2. What is your intention behind teaching? To keep people from hurting themselves

3. Who are your mentors in yoga? Ivy Ray, Lindsay Dombrowski

4. What have they taught you? Know the purpose of a pose; describe it simply.

5. Please mention a book that you have read about yoga that has had a positive impact on you? You Are The Placebo, Dr. Joe Dispenza. It’s about meditation. 

6. What lesson are you currently learning in your Asana practice? Let go of destination (what a pose looks like).

7. How often do you practice? 5 times a week

8. How do you implement the other 7 limbs of yoga into your life other than Asana? Philosophy is at the root of all my decisions (ahimsa, asteya, etc.); I meditate frequently.

9. Why is being present so important to you? Time is fleeting (and an illusion). This is the only authentic moment. I want to miss as few of these moments as possible.

10. How can we keep up with you on social media? What is your IG handle and/ FB name? carldanielsen on Instagram and Carl J Danielsen on Facebook