Dear yoga, I love you


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Dear Yoga,

You have been there for me most of my life. However, I fell deeply in love with you when I was in my late teens as I discovered that you can develop my physical and mental character.

When I wanted to numb the pain during a challenging break-up, you taught me that going though pain isn't as dramatic as I had previously thought it to be. You taught me that the same emotions that allow me to smile are those that allow me to cry. Contrary to what I had always believed, smiling isn't better than crying. The emotions that I have when I smile and cry work together to allow me a variety of feelings.

When I hated my body and the way that I looked, you taught me that my body has many more functions than to look pleasing to others. You taught me that my body is doing healthy things for me all the time and you opened me up to have genuine appreciation for my body and my health.

When I was a judgemental and cynical person, you showed me that it is harder to carry negative weight than it is to live with lightness and positivity. You taught me that wanting things to be what others had convinced me was perfect is truly a waste of my time and energy. Through my practice I have learnt that being harsh on myself and others won't bring anything valuable into my life.

When I had stopped believing that I was capable of achieving anything successful in my life, you showed me that I can create my own idea of success. You showed me that to be kind, humble, peaceful, compassionate and content is the type of success that I want to achieve in my life.

Thank you, yoga.

I love you