12 reasons to be grateful

Image by Getty images

Image by Getty images

Life can be challenging sometimes. It may even feel like it is challenging most of the time, that's why it's important to uplift yourself with positivity. 

A lot of research backs up the practice of gratitude to enhance your mood. 

So, if you are feeling low, here is a list of things to be grateful for that might lift you up:

1. Your breath :it's literally keeping you alive. 

2. Your body: it allows you to do so many things. 

3. Again, your body: it's a well-oiled machine that works on its own. 

4. Your smile: it will carry you through hard times. 

5. Your parents: they are always doing their best. 

6. Your job: it provides you with financial stability or allows your passion to thrive- sometimes it's a combination of both. 

7. Your family: as a whole, they will always be there for you. 

8. Humankind's history: it paved the way for us to be where we are. 

9. Our mistakes: we learnt and, maybe we are still learning, which is totally okay. 

10. Your ex: they didn't love you a certain way so that you could find out the way that you want to be loved a certain way.

11.  Nasty people in your life: they challenge you to be more patient and have a true understanding of suffering by seeing them suffer.

12. The person in your life that you never seem to be good enough for: they can teach you that true validation comes from within.