4 self-affirmations to self-love.

I am a firm-believer in loving yourself. As a society, we used to be afraid to give ourselves praise and appreciation. However, I am learning that the best relationship that we have is with ourselves. Because we spend the most time with ourselves. 


Also, if we don't love ourselves, we put pressure on other people to do so. And, if we don't love ourselves, who will? It is important to affirm yourself a few times a day so that when other people don't need, you can reassure yourself. 


Here are some affirmations to tell yourself daily:


1. You are enough


The first time that I heard this affirmation, I was in a yoga class. I had just spent the day worrying about money and wasn't feeling great about myself. I felt helpless. As I heard these words, I thought about ny body, my mind and my breathe- all working together to keep me alive. I decided at that moment that I may not be rich but I am certainly wealthy. I have a healthy body, healthy mind and I can take a breath in and out. I am enough. 


2. Elevate yourself.


The truth is that the world can bring us down sometimes. We all feel like we're struggling sometimes and feel inadequate but it is important to step out of a negative mindset and elevate yourself. Know that there will be better and what you are going through is temporary and everything passes- no matter how bad it seems. So elevate yourself above the situation by remembering that there is always a way out, whether it is physical or mental.


3. I choose things and people that serve me.


For some reason, we feel like we have to suffer and completely give ourselves in relationships and jobs. I do partially agree with this; however, if that job or person you are in a relationship hasn't made you feel respected or happy in a while, feel free to leave that chapter of your life behind you. People and jobs are irreplaceable, yes. However, there is no point in being surrounded by negativity.


4. I forgive myself.


Yes, forgive yourself! Forgive yourself for when you told your Mother that you hated her. Forgive yourself for being mean to Nancy in the fifth grade. Forgive yourself for getting so drunk that you threw up when you were 21. Forgive yourself for drunkenly texting your unrequited love 6 times a night. Forgive yourself for everything that brings you any amount of guilt. Because guilt only brings you down. Forgive yourself because you didn't know better and next time, you will do better.