10 songs to uplift your spirit.

I am so grateful for the gift of music. Music helps us celebrate, accomplish and survive. 

Here is a playlist of some songs to inspire, uplift and survive. Highlighting some powerful lyrics

image by freepik 

image by freepik 


1. Wide awake by Katy Perry.

Helped me through a tough break-up. With lyrics like, 'God knows that I tried seeing the bright side, I'm not blind anymore'


2. I was here by Beyonce.

Reminds me why I am alive. 

'I will live my life so everyone knows I was here'- this lyrics give me life.


3. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

Has taught me that I can rise in the darkest time. 

'You can take everything I have , you can break everything I am. Like I'm made of glass, like I'm made of paper... I will keep rising from the ground like a skyscraper. 

So moving and inspiring!


4. Part of me by Katy Perry.

One of my favourite songs, the lyrics speak for themselves.

'This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me'


5. Stronger by Kanye West

We all possess strength, why not embrace it?

'That that that that that don't kill me can only make me stronger'



6. Fighter by Christina Aguilera

Sometimes it's great to embrace the fighter within you. 

'Thanks for making me a fighter'- every challenge is towards something.


7.  Survivor by Destiny's Child

How can anyone not like this song? 

'I'm a survivor, I'm not gonna give up, I'm not gonna stop. I will work harder.' If you don't believe, who else will?


8. Strength, courage and wisdom by India.Arie

She sings affirmations that are so powerful.

'It's always been inside of me' - she's talking about strength. 


9. Faith by George Michael

A sexy and fabulous song that unleashes inner supermodel within all of us. In my mind, he is talking about having faith about anything, not just sex.

'I gotta have faith'


10. Stronger (What doesn't kill you) by Kelly Clarkson.

The perfect workout song.

'Baby you don't know me 'cause you're dead wrong'- your haters are dead wrong about you. Trust me!