11 things that I am sorry for.


image by Getty Images 


When I forgive others, I do so after having forgiven myself. Because I know in my life, I have done things that I am not proud of.

So, here is a list of 11 things that I am sorry for:

1. For being judgemental, at times.

2. For being unapproachable.

3. For giving my ex-boyfriend a reason to call me crazy.

4. For having fed into stereotypes.

5. For not being truthful when I wasn’t interested in someone.

6. For dating two friends at once, twice.

7. For calling myself nasty names.

8. For calling others nasty names.

9. For ever projecting how I feel onto another.

10. For selling myself short.

11. For ever caring what anyone else has said or thought about me.