3 things that could be ruining your skin.


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I always say that, ‘Behind every confident person is smooth and healthy skin’, because how we feel about our skin can have an effect on how we see ourselves and thus, how others see us.

I struggled for years with eczema and rosacea and nothing helped me for many years. This led me to do some of my research and I discovered that most skin products main ingredient was water which dries the skin out.

As a result of my findings, I went back to school to study skin and graduated with a diploma in organic skincare formulation.

Over the years of running a skincare company and helping people with their skin, I have seen what can damage the skin.

I will share with you 3 things that could be ruining your skin:

1. Water

When we think of water, we think of hydration; however, we are not referring to external hydration. Externally, we use water to cleanse, not to hydrate. Most products use 70% or more of water as a base to save money. However, this is not ideal for your skin because the more water that is in your products, the more preservatives are needed in your products to keep them at shelf-life. That is why most people currently have acne because products are drying out their skin and instead of hydration, toxic chemicals are being placed on their skin.

Remedy: Opt out your water-based skin products for ones that are rich in oils and moisture.

2. Synthetic Fragrance

According to a study released by The FDA in 2016, fragrance is the number 1 carcinogen. Not only is that unhealthy for your lungs but if placed on your skin, it can lead to different skin disorders and problems. When I refer to fragrance, I am referring to synthetic fragrances which is most commonly used in our everyday life. Although there are limitations to essential oil fragrance, there are less because essential oils are made from botanicals that are more compatible with our skin cells and are derived from plants so they have less of an effect on the environment.

Remedy: Swap out your old synthetic fragrance for an essential oil-based fragrance.

3. Lifestyle

You can take of your skin all you want but if you eat unhealthily, drink a lot of coffee and alcohol, and are stressed out all the time, you will see your skin deteriorate. Spend all the money you want that you want in the world and it will not change a thing. Health is a lifestyle and usually your skin will show you that you need to make a change in your lifestyle.

Remedy: Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you are getting enough sleep, eating enough greens or drinking enough water. Then do more of what you need to bring a healthy balance to your life.


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