4 things you can do instead of hate Donald Trump


Image courtesy of Unsplash


It’s been a gloomy and crazy two years with President Trump in the office. Now, more than ever, The U.S.A. is very divided. A lot of people are frustrated, annoyed and anxiously awaiting when he will no longer be President.


While this is the reality of many, some people are happy that he is in his position because they believe in his mentality of firmness and that he gets things done.

Whether you agree with him or not, the reality is that he is our President and hating him will not help us progress as a nation. So, instead of hating him, try these FOUR things:

1. Voting

This one is obvious; however, not as obvious as some people may think. I, myself, never really gave voting that much influence until Donald Trump became president. For many years, I had the mentality that someone else would vote for me. However, in a democracy, everyone is responsible for making change happen. In a true democracy, your voice counts towards the end result; it doesn’t always mean that you win but it means that you are heard.

2. Listening to those who voted for someone else.

Although I am an American citizen, I grew up in two other countries so I have a different perspective. I have never lived in a country that is so divided by policies and it frightens me. It makes me ask the question, how can humanity and understanding occur when two sides are at war with each other?

When I speak to a lot of liberals, they look down upon conservatives. And, when I speak to a lot of conservatives, they feel like they aren’t truly allowed to say how they feel. What is the solution? Listening to each other, first. If we speak down upon another, it isolates the other person and the unity is lost. Instead of building a wall of judgement; build a relationship of understanding by listening to why someone decided to vote for him in the first place.

3. Keep your thoughts positive.

I had to stop watching CNN, MSNBC and other news networks because I feel like they focus too much on the downfalls on President Trump. In the laws of physics, what you focus on expands. So, if we continue to hate Trump, he will become stronger. How about we focus on love and positive thoughts? How about we manifest the kind of country that we want? Instead of giving in to hate and negativity. Like Martin Luther King JNR. said, ‘Hate is too great a burden to bear.’ So, let’s elevate our collective consciousness by speaking and thinking words of positivity to get us out of this negative place we are in.

4. Learn why and how this happened.

Trump didn’t come from another planet to ruin ours, like a lot of people paint it. He was born and raised in this country, which means that there are other people like him. These people feel the way he does and are a symptom of the corporate America, where a certain demographic of Americans feel entitled to be better, smarter and more advantaged than others. We need to learn what about The American system has caused this to occur and how we can prevent this. And then find solutions: More money in education? Moving towards other energy resources that can provide people with jobs? Provide accessible healthcare? The past has happened so that we can learn from it, not pretend like it didn’t exist.