10 Reasons Why I Have Decided To Focus On The Positive.


Image from Unsplash 


Let’s get real, being positive in a World where a lot of negativity is happening is not easy but it is achievable.

The first time this concept came to me was when I was 9 and I attended my Grandfather’s funeral. Hundreds of people spoke of his kindness, continuous forgiveness and his ability to always see the positive. They said that his favourite saying was, ‘Every cloud has a silver-lining’.

I held on to this. Although I may not have always practiced it, I held on to this concept and have tried to implement it as much as I can.

Here are 10 reasons why I always choose to focus on the positive:

1. Negativity is heavy.

2. What we focus on expands. Focusing on positivity allows positivity to expand.

3. After all is done, there is something to learn from it or be grateful for.

4. There is enough negativity in This World.

5. Everything that I want to see in The World, starts with me.

6. The positivity that I put out is coming right back to me.

7. At the core of love is positivity.

8. My aim is to be light, love and peace.

9. Positivity makes The World a more loving place.

10. Because, ultimately, everything is a lesson or a blessing.