13 reasons that you deserve what you want.


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As a health coach, I am constantly reminding my clients to be positive and practice manifestation. It’s so easy to fall behind and question why we are worthy. I find myself sometimes falling on the fearful train. Asking myself if I am worthy? Who will want me or how do I know that it will manifest?

There could be many reasons why we all fear getting what we want or fear feeling worthy. Well, I am let you in on some reasons why you deserve what you want:

1. Why wouldn’t you be deserving?

2. If not you then, who would be deservin

3. You are great.

4. You are amazing.

5. You are a blessing.

6. You have been created to do great things.

7. You are a creation of love and therefore are worthy.

8. No one else can give you want.

9. No one else knows what you want.

10. Each day has been sent to us for us to make the most of.

11. There is enough for all of us to get what we want.

12. The more you get, the more you can give.

13. Who said that what you want isn’t yours?