4 reasons why I’ll never pick up a gossip magazine


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The first time that I read a gossip magazine, I found solace in the fact that the celebrities that looked perfect on magazine covers looked worse than I did without the retouching and hours of makeup.

However, over a few years I've changed my perspective on reading gossip magazines. Six years ago I gave up reading them completely; this is why:


1. Pointing out someone else's imperfections contributes negativity to the world.

Tabloids hardly ever have something nice to say about someone, and in fact promote themselves through negativity. By reading them, I am contributing to the negativity of the world because I have decided to invest my time and money into putting other people down.


2. Putting others down doesn't make me a better person. It does the opposite.

Putting other people down to make myself feel better won't lift up my self-esteem or contribute anything positive into my life. My former insecure self wasn't pleased enough with herself to celebrate other people's success, so I found pleasure in seeing others fail or look bad. Which didn't do anything other than feed my ego and keep me in a cycle of negativity.


3. Being mean doesn't lead to success.

Judging and criticizing celebrities didn't lead to progression or success in my life. Putting people down won't suddenly give me everything that I hoped for. The only thing it does is feed my mind and soul with negativity. I decided to come to terms with the fact that all the time and energy I was spending on reading these magazines could be spent on something that will bring a positive result. Gossiping, judging and criticizing won't get me anywhere down the road that I want to go down.


4. Reading gossip magazines contributes to the "Mean Girl" society.

When kids do it, it's seen as bullying. Just because I wasn't speaking directly to the people that I was criticizing, it's still a form of bullying because I was putting down others to make myself feel better about who I was. However, that pleasure doesn't last. Long-lasting and true pleasure comes from being good and doing good for others, so that I can be proud of what I've done and how I have treated people as a whole

My happiness is not at the expense of someone else's downfalls.