12 more reasons why I still forgive


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Forgiveness is not easy; but necessary. When people or circumstances do us wrong, our egos can play the victim and past hurts come to the surface. Which can make it difficult to see the light that occurs once you forgive.

The light once you forgive someone or something could be your freedom, ability to find peace or that you can move on with life. Forgiveness is important and this is why:

1. I forgive because it is time.

2. I forgive because at some point, I have to let it go.

3. I forgive because I want to see what’s on the other side of forgiveness.

4. I forgive because there is an end to everything, including anger, resentment and despair.

5. I forgive because who wants to hold onto baggage?

6. I forgive because stepping forward feels more natural than going in reverse.

7. I forgive because letting go is powerful.

8. I forgive because I don’t want it anymore.

9. I forgive because I want my power back.

10. I forgive because progress is a choice.

11. I forgive because like Ghandi said, ‘an eye for an eye leaves the world blind’

12. I forgive because I want to embody peace, love and happiness; not rage, resentment and anger.