15 things we need to teach each other, ourselves and our kids.


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I’m concerned about where we are headed as humanity, in general. It seems like we have become sensitive, bothered about everything and ready to attack each other - at the drop of a hat.

From Twitter to the streets, we tend to choose negativity and divisiveness over love, acceptance and compassion.

Call me old-fashioned but I believe in forgiveness, peace, being kind and choosing love. And this is what I think we should be teaching ourselves, each other and our kids:

1. Be pro-human!
Be inclusive in your path to freedom, justice and liberation.

2. Accept how people choose to represent themselves.

Whether someone chooses to wear their hair straight, curly, brown, blonde or green, accept that it’s their body and they are choosing to represent themselves a certain way. How they have chosen to do so is none of your business.

3. Money is not the end all be all.
Yes, money is nice. But still enjoy your life. Life is about balance and although you may need money to live, you don’t need to live for money.

4. Some fights are not worth fighting.
Just because we are living in an era that has popularized and accepted fighting as the norm, doesn’t mean that you need to contribute to it. Choose what you want to fight over. You can’t fight everyone and everything.

5. There is enough for everyone to go around.

We have this idea of scarcity, which is a fabrication of fear. And, fear is the opposite of love. We came from love and love is the most powerful vibration; therefore that idea is not accurate. We can all succeed. The more of us that succeed, the more there is to go around.

6. We can lift each other up.

Enough with watching other people suffer and not helping others and enough with the greed. When you get, give! When you learn, teach!

7. Be kind.

It’s simple and leaves you negative-Karma free.

8. Listen.

The sound of your voice gets annoying after sometime. Sometimes, it’s best just to listen.

9. Support other people in your field.

We often think of people being in the same industry as us as competition. However, they can be your source of support, vice versa.

9. Live today!

The past is done and the future is not promised. Today is the day that you have to live, embrace it!

10. You don’t need to prove anything to be loved.

You deserve love just as you are. No need to prove that you are worthy, you already are.

11. Stay open.

It’s difficult sometimes. But, life is better to be seen through a clear lens; not one clouded by what people have previously said and thought about you.

12. Forgive!

There’s no need to hold on to the way that you have been treated or what people have said about you. Let it go!

13. Give your all!

Whether it’s in love, work or health, give your all! That way you know that you did your very best!

14. You don’t have to shout to heard.

Sometimes silence can speak volumes.

15. Rise above.

Rise above haters, rise above negative comments, rise above circumstances, rise above doubt, rise above fear, rise above judgement, rise above enemies, rise above hurt, rise above mediocrity and rise above pain.