10 things that I refuse to determine my worth


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Honestly speaking, I have to remind myself daily where my worth comes from. It’s easy to believe that our worth is determined by what we have, who we date and how much money we make.

However, we determine our self-worth.

These are the 12 things that I refuse to determine my worth:

1. Money.

Because money comes and goes.

2. Men.

I don’t need a man to love me to know that love exists.

3. My skin colour.

Whether light or dark. My skin deserve to be appreciated for everything that it does.

4. My gender.

It’s all about equality.

5. My nationality.

We all deserve to be treated humanely.

6. My hair colour.

Whether natural or dyed, hair-ware is a choice.

7. My job.

Because jobs come and go.

8. My failures.

There was always a lesson to be found in them.

9. My problems.

Problems taught me something.

10. Materials and looks.

Our souls are deeper than what only the eye can see.