5 things that I wish I’d known before starting my first business.

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At the age of 27, I decided that I want to grow and broaden my horizons. I decided that I wanted to start my first business. I had worked with/for very talented, successful and accomplished people. I felt like it was time for me to become a part of that category.

I remember telling my friend that if I had known the amount of work that comes into owning a sold-out successful skincare line, I probably would not have done it. It may sound cynical but it was true. The challenges when owning a business can feel overwhelming.

However, if I had known the following, it would’ve changed the ballgame:

1. Boss up!
Nothing in life should ever stop you from doing what you need to, including a person. I have had many partnerships and business ventures and recently, is the first time that I had to let go of someone on my team. I knew immediately after hiring him that he was not a good fit but wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I could go on-and-on for hours about the issues that we had but, that is unbecoming. I learnt two lessons that some people have issues taking direction by a woman and that being a boss will sometimes bring out backlash from others. Be a boss anyway because there is a goal bigger than one person, their inadequacy and their Ego.

2. At some point, people will push you. You must be able to handle it.
The last point has lead me to this one. Being a leader doesn’t mean sitting back and watching people work, it means that I work the hardest. When I started KINDGIRLCO., I was up till 4am filling hundreds of bottles with oil. I was and am always pushed to be better than I was before so that people working for me can see and understand my progress, drive and purpose.

3. Know your numbers!
Before I started my business, I took an accounting course. I took it so that I could understand my financial standpoint. I had heard that the number one reason businesses fail is because they don’t know how to handle money. Thankfully, KindGirlco. broke even in it’s first year. It is so important to know how much you are able to produce without giving up your name and credit for something that might not sell.

4. You attract what you put out there.
After letting go of my former team member, I asked myself how did I get into that situation? And the answer that I got was that I didn’t trust the big picture. I chose him to be a part of the team because I was afraid that the sales would not be where I wanted them to be. Well, in this Universe, we live on vibrations and fearful vibrations attract fearful vibrations. I attracted someone who was the epitome of fear. Someone who feared his greatness and who blamed everyone else for things that he was doing or not doing. It brought me back to why I am in wellness, it is not to spread negativity; it is to rise above it. Feeling fear is okay but wallowing in it is a problem.

5. Rise after a setback and move forward.
Business is just like life, you will come across many obstacles and challenges. However, how you approach them is what really matters. If you let one challenge defeat you, you are not ready to be a business owner. A successful business-owner uses problems as messages. There is always room to grow and setbacks, challenges, obstacles and problems only remind us of that.