4 Types of People to distance yourself from.



Last year I wrote an article entitled, ‘4 Types of People you need to distance yourself from’. This article was received well and loved from thousands of people around The World. So, I thought that I would do another.

I would like to add that, ‘Distancing yourself’ from something or someone doesn’t make you selfish; it means that you accept someone or something for who they are and you would prefer to not deal with them.

Here are 4 more people that you need to distance yourself from:

1. People chasing fame.

Before moving to Los Angeles, I didn’t have a full grasp on people who chase fame. But there is definitely a type of person who chases fame. Someone who is constantly seeking validation and approval from people around them. Ironically, these people are often not famous and not all famous people have sought out after fame. I am mentioning people who are constantly on Instagram, desperately searching for followers. I am referring to people who are unhappy in their daily lives but on social media are living like The Kardashians. I am mentioning those who  go to Hollywood in hopes that they will be discovered by someone and all of sudden their lives will change. The reason why you need to distance yourself from these people is that they have a lot of internal work to do on themselves. What kind of people would seek what so many celebrities run from? The answer is someone who thinks that fame can solve the problems that they are facing in their lives. Which is completely unrealistic. Until people who chase fame learn that they are enough, nothing (including your presence) will be enough for them.

2. Fakeness.

As an Aquarius and someone who was born and lived in New York, fake people annoy me. My growth is learning to deal with these people without being arrogant, stubborn and with compassion and love. However, sometimes you have to love people from a distance and remember that everyone is doing the best that they can. For some reason, people who are fake do not feel like being real is worthy. Which, I cannot relate to. Ever since I was a kid, it pains me to be fake towards someone because I value authenticity. I am learning to distance myself from fake people because they are on their own journey and I don’t need to force them to be on the same journey as mine.

3. Wishy washiness.

We all have that friend, family member or colleague who you can never count on. The one who continuously lets you down by not showing up or being there for you when you need them, despite the fact that you have given your time and energy on numerous occasions. Truthfully, not everyone is a giver- which is okay. It becomes your problem when you let this person do it over-and-over to you, with you being left upset or like you are not worthy. You deserve people around you who show up or make an effort to show up and you are the one who allows this behaviour to continue. Distancing yourself from people with empty promises makes space for people fulfill their promises and are genuinely there for you when they say that they will be.

4. Ignorance.

I truly believe that ignorance is the easiest thing to forgive. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to have ignorant people around you. In general, ignorant people, are not willing to change their mindset. And, who you surround yourself with is who you become. Distance yourself from people who see life through their lens only and open yourself up to people who see life through the lens of many. So that your mind can expand too.