Dear Insecure Boy...


Image from Unsplash  


 Dear Insecure,

I see you. I hear you. You are enough.

Please don’t fall victim to the trend of boys and men feeling as though they need cars, money and a ‘pumped-up physique’ to feel worthy. You, alone, are enough.

I know that society tells you to be strong but I am asking you to be vulnerable sometimes because sometimes, vulnerability is strength. There’s a misconception that to be a man, you need to be masculine. Sometimes being a man means that you need to be feminine.

Your femininity will allow you to be who you truly are. Everyone has masculinity and femininity in them. I’m sorry that they told you not to feel. Feeling is important because when you feel, you can understand.

You can understand why and how you do the things that you do. So that instead of burying who you truly are, you can embrace who you truly are. You deserve to be who you are.

Please let people in. I’m sorry for all those people who told you not to; however, you will not reach your full potential by blocking people off. Let people and love in.

When your partner wants better for you, step up to the plate. They are not insulting you; they see your potential and they want to grow with you.

No matter how many times you are told that you are not worthy, please don’t believe them. You are worthy of every blessing that comes your way.