4 Things that I wish I could tell anyone who has ever bullied me.


Image from Unsplash


Unfortunately, bullies are a part of life. When I was younger, I would spend time running away from people who would go out of their way to make me feel less than, people who intentionally insulted me and people who told me (in so many ways) that I was not worthy.

High School was the time when I was bullied the most. And, while I was going through it, it didn’t fully process that I was being bullied because I didn’t believe that there were people who were so intentionally mean-spirited.

Once I could fully grasp that I was being bullied, I decided to stand up for myself and I made a choice to never ever let anyone try and make me feel less than. Overcoming bullying was not easy but I did and will continue to do so because I know that I am strong enough to handle it and sometimes, them.

If I ever saw the people who have previously bullied me, I would tell them the following:

1. I forgive you.

Yes, I forgive you for all that you put me through. The older that I get, I understand people more and more. I know that the place that you acted from is insecurity and not feeling worthy. Because people who feel worthy do not have the urge to make others feel unworthy. If you felt valid, you would treat people as such. Your behaviour is an example of what is going on in your mind. I hope my forgiveness helps you find peace.

Peace that you (and everyone) deserves.

2. Thank you.

You helped me access my strength and for it, I am a stronger and more capable person. They say that a diamond only starts to shine when pressure is applied to it. So, I owe a part of the twinkle in my eye to you. A lot of your actions felt un-necessary but now I know that it was always necessary in making me the strong and capable person that I am today. You gave me lemons and I made lemonade. I thank you for giving me some of the ingredients that I needed to make and shape me.

3. Only you have to live with your consequences.

When I think about you, sometimes I get angry thinking that a person like you is using your life to spread negativity. You have chosen this life to exude negativity. Of all the things that you have chosen to spread, negativity seems like a pathetic choice. Even though it may seem that way towards me, I am not the one that has to live with your consequences, you do! You have to live with what you have done. That is why I release any judgement because only God can judge others. I will continue to focus on the energy that I put out in this World. And, hope that I put out positivity and love.

4. Hating you is no longer an option.

I have spent a lot of time hating you. But, hating you only means that I have to spend time thinking about you. While I create negative thoughts in my head, you are unaware of them. So, what is the point of these thoughts anyway? My body is a temple and recreating what someone else has done to me is not serving to create peace and love in this body and mind. Therefore to you and everyone, I choose to release any hate, anger and animosity.