My Evolution as a Woman with Hali Tsotetsi.


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With the introduction of our new segment, we found it fitting to sit down with our Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Hali Tsotetsi. If you’d like to find out more about her, click on our *About BiologiqueLife* button.

She expands on her evolution as a woman:

What has been a big part of your growth as a woman?

Heartbreak, pain and not getting what I want. For some reason, ever since I was a kid I thrive off of challenge. When I am faced with something that might break another, it gives me drive.

Even how I was born is an example of that. I was discovered in my Mother’s ovaries during an operation that she had. She was told to have me aborted because of the high risk that I might be born stillborn, with autism or other mental challenges. However, my Mother believed that I would be fine and healthy. When I was delivered, she was right. Since I was a baby, I have always been “re-born” out of difficulty- that is truly when I grow.

Who has inspired you to stay true to your role as a strong woman?
One of the great advantages of social media is that now, we have so many examples around us to inspire us. The first example is my Mother. She is the definition of strength, she never gives up on something and has instilled that in all of her daughters. The second example is Oprah, a fellow Aquarius and big change-maker, I identify with her need to be genuine. To me, you can’t be strong by being fake; authenticity is the foundation for true strength. The third example is Maya Angelou, there is nothing more powerful than people who spread the message of forgiveness and taking the high road. Which, I think was her life’s message.
Although I have had many examples, the last one is Iyanla Vanzant. As a fellow Spiritual Teacher and Influencer, it is admirable that she stands firm. When you are in the process of healing someone else, there are moments when they don’t always like you but, as an healer, it is important to commit to why the person sought you out to begin with. She has shown me that to be an healer, you can’t dote and pamper someone. Sometimes the best thing for someone is to tell them ‘no.

What other women have supported you when you needed it the most?
So many! I used to live in New York for ten years and although I love to talk about the negatives of living in New York; you can rely on women to have your back. I’ve met the most courageous and beautiful women living in that city. There are the obvious answers of support when I need it most like family and friends; however, I have also been supported by strangers.
When I first started practicing hot yoga everyday, I would take the midday class and a Dear Teacher of mine would teach that class. She didn’t know it then but her presence and ability to nurture had such an impact on my life. She helped me through so much. She taught me the true definition of a teacher: I am here for you if you need me but if you don’t need me, that’s okay. I won’t force my persona on you if you are not ready to listen to what I have to say.

What has been the hardest part of being a strong woman?
My romantic life. It’s interesting, I have heard women saying that other women are intimidated by their strength; however, I have not found that to be true. I have experienced men being intimidated by my strength by either running away from me or trying to dim my light. I made a promise to myself three years ago that, I would rather be alone than have someone dim my light by making me into what they want. Nobody wins that way.

Where do you see yourself evolving in the next few years?
I was just talking with a good friend, who is a man, the other day. I know that we are supposed to be talking about women but he noticed that I put a lot of pressure on myself and I realized that I have become so accustomed to thriving out of challenge that now, it doesn’t feel like work if I am not under pressure. So, for the next few years, I am working on not needing to be doing many things at once. I have been focusing on my career and now it’s about balance, going on dates, adorning myself and the one that I have chosen to be with.

What imprint would you like to leave on the world?
Great question! That love, faith and hope are alive and the most real things that you can ever imagine. I feel like the schooling system does the opposite of that. So, a lot of us spend 18 years being trained into disbelief of this positive mentality. That’s why I disliked school so much: I believed then, as I do now, that no one else can determine my success and my worth in This World. It is only between me and God.