7 Questions about Aquarius answered.



Seeing as it is my Birthday in this Zodiac Sign, I thought it would be fitting to start with this Zodiac. This is the twelfth Zodiac and is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, usually meaning that this Zodiac appears to be cold and distant to be many people.

The dates of this Zodiac are from 20th of January-18th of February, the dates can range depending on where in The World you are from.

Here are 7 common questions about Aquarius answered:

1. I can’t read an Aquarius. Why not?
Aquarius is the most unpredictable sign of all. They may be into saving humanity but dislike people around them. They may be quiet and have outbursts of passion. They may claim to want stability but often find themselves in unstable circumstances. One thing to accept about Aquarians is that they will always surprise you.

2. Why are they so flakey?
It stems from their need to be authentic. Every Aquarius has a deep desire to be unique and free of any commitments that stop them from losing their identity. They like themselves and don’t want to change so if you make them do something that makes them change, they will fight you by not showing up or cancelling out of fear of losing themselves.

3. My Aquarius partner won’t marry me, why?
This is not personal. Aquarians don’t believe in being like other people, in fact, they look down upon people who conform to society- seeing it as the easy way out. The ultimate fear of an Aquarius is to settle: in love, life and career. They may or may not feel like you are ‘The One’ but regardless, they want to be unique. They strive to keep their identity and to prove people wrong.

4. Why do Aquarius lack emotions?
It’s not that they lack emotions; it’s that they would rather deal with their emotions alone. Because Aquarius like to be authentic, they don’t like hearing other people’s advice. They would rather figure it out on their own. They believe that a lot of people are selfish, manipulative and only want them to conform so they don’t show emotions to avoid being manipulated, betrayed and used by other people.

5. Is my Aquarius-Ex over me?
Probably. Aquarius are masters of forgetting about people. When people are in their lives, they are fully committed. However , when an Aquarius has moved on, they will act like you don’t exist. Because, to them, you don’t. They are very efficient in controlling their minds. So, if you are not in their life, they don’t care about you.

6. Why are Aquarius so judgemental?
Because they want what’s best for you. Aquarius often say what others think but don’t have the energy or time to sugarcoat what comes out of their mouth. They believe that no matter how they say it, the message is the same.To them, facts are facts. It comes across judgemental but their hearts are accepting of you and who you are, they just want you to do more, be more and progress in your life.

7. Why do Aquarius hardly say ‘I love you’?

Aquarius don’t believe in external validation. They believe that you should believe you are the best because they believe that they are the best. To them, everyone should be their best cheerleader. Also, as I mentioned before, they are very detached so words of endearment are not their thing. They will show you that they love you but hardly tell you. If you want to hear these words, ask them to say them and I guarantee you they will because they don’t want you to feel as though they don’t care about; lack of terms of endearment is just a part of their nature.