30 Things That I will never do again.


Image by Unsplash  


Turning 30 felt very monumental to me. I felt so much clarity on my 30th birthday. So, in honour of all the clarity that I felt, I made a list of 30 things that I will never ever do again:

1. Call myself a bad word.

2. Think that I am fat.

3.  Be my own enemy.

4. Date a Chef.

5. Date a jerk.

6. Surround myself with weak-minded people.

7. Sell myself short.

8. Cheat myself.

9. Cheat others.

10. Intentionally lie.

11. Convince myself out of something that will make me a better person.

12. Have sex on the first date.

13. Date two people at one time.

14. Love someone and not tell them.

15. Enter a relationship out of fear.

16. Enter a relationship out of security.

17. Not breathe during an argument.

18. Acknowledge mediocrity.

19. Give energy to toxicity.

20. Let just anyone into my life.

21. Be afraid of shining.

22. Be with someone who is afraid of me shining.

23. Love halfway.

24. Regret anything.

25. Live halfway.

26. Suffer for reasons that I can control.

27. Suffer for reasons that I cannot control.

28. Let someone walk over me.

29. Walk over someone else.

30. Take advantage of everyday that I wake up alive and able.