12 Reasons why you should meditate.


Image from Unsplash  


Meditation has been practiced in some Eastern Cultures for at least 5000 years. And now, The Western World has tapped into the benefits. Scientists confirm now what some traditions from The East have known before.

These are the twelve reasons why you should meditate:

1. It relieves stress.

2. It sharpens your focus.

3. It allows you to be at peace in stillness.

4. It creates a firm stance within oneself.

5. It creates clarity in your brain.

6. It creates clarity in your life.

7. It can help with cardiovascular issues and hypertension.

8. It can relieve one of migraines and headaches caused by stress of light sensitivity.

9. It can help you be more present.

10. It creates a solid foundation of self worth.

11. It improves brain function.

12. It can help reduce your potential of developing brain-related diseases that develop over time.

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