The 12 Kinds of people that I choose to surround myself with.

Image by Unsplash

Image by Unsplash

I recently went through a serous internal transformation where I had to re-evaluate my actions, where I would like to be in the future and who is coming with me on this journey. 

I have no animosity or hate towards those who I have chosen to leave behind. The process of transformation has allowed me to see clearly who I keep in my life and I have decided, moving forward, that I want to be surrounded by these kind of people: 

1. Kind people

2. People who reflect on their behaviour. 

3. People who are happy for themselves. 

4. People who are happy for me. 

5. People who are supportive. 

6. People who are honest. 

7. People who are open. 

8. People who are genuine. 

9. People who have sincere motives. 

10. People who are respectful. 

11. People who listen first and then speak. 

12. People who think that love is just as important, if not more important, than money.